Iowa man receives special hospital send-off after COVID-19 recovery

Published: Jul. 3, 2020 at 4:37 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - An Iowa man says he has another shot at life after he got to leave the hospital today after a hard-fought battle with COVID-19.

Hospital staff cheer as 44-year-old Morris Sandoval is wheeled outside.

Dr. Sumit Mukherjee said, "He was a fighter through this whole process."

The past few months have been hard for the Dennison, Iowa native who tested positive for COVID-19 in mid-May. Doctor Sumit Mukherjee says Sandoval suffered from respiratory failure and was placed on a ventilator for weeks, while also taking treatments like Remdesavir and convalescent plasma.

His condition finally started to improve after a tracheostomy. Morris Sandoval said, “COVID-19 is bad. I tell you that. You hear something, you don’t know nothing. You know how many holes I got in my body? It’s really crazy, it’s something I don’t want nobody to go through.”

Sandoval's family members came for the sendoff, bringing flowers and balloons. His wife calls his recovery a miracle from god. Rebeca Ayala said, "I was thinking that probably he's not going to make it, but I have faith."

Sandoval thanked his family for their support through his hospitalization, and for the staff who helped him every step of the way.

Sandoval will now head to another facility where he will go through extensive rehab and therapy to help rebuild his strength and respiratory support.

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