Bellevue selects new glass drop-off site

Published: Jul. 2, 2020 at 10:57 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Bellevue has reworked their glass recycling after city officials tell 6 News some were using it irresponsibly.

Valerie Svacina is a resident who takes her recycling seriously. For years she has diligently sorted garbage, plastic, and paper at home.

“I don’t like to waste things and if we can recycle I think it’s just a small part in our own lives that we can help the world,” Valerie said.

Since Bellevue removed glass drop-off sites about a month ago she’s had no option but to throw it away.

“They just became a common dumping ground for household items,” Bellevue City Administrator Jim Ristow said.

The Bellevue city parks department had to clean up piles of dumped trash daily. Too often garbage would contaminate the glass, so it had to be thrown away.

“It would just be piles of trash going into a landfill somewhere and it never breaks down,” Svacina said.

The idea of installing $50,000 surveillance cameras didn’t seem worth it to the city.

“While it was important we had the availability to recycling just the sheer cost and damages they were doing in the park just offset any hope of recycling,” Ristow said.

The city decided instead to move glass recycling to the fire department at 36th and Sherwood. It will be available to the public Wednesday.

“When I saw that I got really excited. I was like yeah! They found a solution,” Svacina said.

The hope is a higher traffic area with cameras will deter people from dumping the garbage. The city is also looking for a second location to offer glass recycling in the future.

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