Viewers Thoughts on Dave

This is probably one of those "you had to be there" stories; however, it has provided years of laughter for us and our best friends!

This story is a testament to the popularity and visibilty of Dave Webber!

One evening, my husband and I along with our best friends, went to HyVee for a "beer run"! As we were driving around the parking lot trying to find a spot, we see this car pull up RIGHT at the door of HyVee...couldnt be any closer without being inside! A gentleman jumped out and ran in. One of us in the car yelled "Who does that guy think he is....Dave Webber?" ....not Warren Buffett....not Chip Davis...but the ever famous and visible Dave Webber came to mind! The story wouldn't be funny except for the fact that Dave Webber CAME BACK OUT AND GOT INTO HIS CAR AND LEFT! The four of us laughed and laughed! We still to this day bring up that story when we are together and see Dave on the news!

Congrats on your retirement! Guess you will have to find a regular spot like the rest of us!! Hahaha!!!



Congratulations on your retirement. I remember that night in Miami so well. It was a honor to be part of one of your most popular pieces ever and I want to "will you to the most relaxing and gratifying retirement ever"!

Ivan J. Gilreath

Eons ago...there was a band called The River City All Stars. One evening I was out at a club listening to them play when all of a sudden one of the band members spotted Dave in the audience. They coaxed him onto the stage to sing a little "Action Blues". We didn't know if then, but we found out that night something we all know now, he has a great set of pipes! Thanks for a memory I will never forget!

Big fan,

It was a packed Saturday night a few months ago at Crescent Moon, a
bar and grill right across the street from the WOWT station.
Crescent Moon was hosting karaoke that night, and toward the end of
bar close, the DJ announced, "Next up is Dave!"

We began hearing shouts of surprise and people saying, "Is that
really him?!". We looked up and there was Dave Webber, microphone in
hand, getting ready to sing! Dave treated us to "Sweet Caroline",
and his rendition sounded absolutely fantastic! The whole room sang
along, and when he was done, Dave got high fives and a thunderous
applause. I think Dave's appearance that night shows that even
though he's risen to celebrity status, he's just a regular,
neighborhood guy at heart. Thanks for the memory, Dave!

-Emily Hiykel, Omaha

I remember way back when Nebraska won the championship game and Dave found a corn cob in the parking lot and said it was a sign, well a few weeks later i saw Dave(and his corn cob ) at a Hyvee store i spoke with him about it, and as he was showing me the cob a kernal dropped off , and he gave it to me, :) i kept it for several years before it finally got lost in the drawer, and we haven't won since.
I will be sorry to see Dave go but he deserves a break, and i hope he will still sing the anthem at high school football games.

Jackie P

He is the best sports person in Omaha and has been forever!!!!! He also is a great singer. I heard him at the Orpheum with Symphony several times and he is funny also. He came to our First Methodist Church in Fremont for a Christmas concert and was outstanding. He is so personable and friendly to all, and he loved those “homemade cookies”.

Debbie Christensen

Back in the mid 1980's, I was the assistant director/stage manager for the Circle Theatre when they were performing at the "diner" in Benson. It was a Christmas show that was written by Doug Marr. His wife, Laura, was an angel trying to get her wings. Earl Bates was the head angel that she reported to. The plot was a modern day twist of the Christmas Story; a couple named Murray and Josephine (who, of course, was with child) were stranded at the diner, as there were no vacancies at the local motels. The angel was there to help them. Given the technology of the day, we had recorded Earl Bates' part on video, and that was cued up on the VCR in the back, with the video cable running to a television sitting in the diner on top of the refrigerator in the corner, out of my sight. On cue, Laura would have her conversation with the head angel; the TV would be turned on but the power would be off, controlled by me in the back. Same with the VCR - power on, controlled by me from the back, and the tape ready to go. The TV, of course, was on channel 4. The cue hit, I flipped the power on and hit start for the video tape, and we had nothing but snow! It seems that Dave, in a prior scene, had been singing his song, with lyrics something like "and every night when I come home at five, I turn on the TV..." What I couldn't see was that he had gone to the television and dutifully tuned it to channel 6! The best laid plans ruined by a loyal employee!

Oh, the memories!
Chuck Martens

this goes back a number of years. once upon a time you were allowed to
bring in food to rosenblatt stadium. my wife and i would go to a couple
royals games every season. we would pop a couple kettles of popcorn, put
it in a brown paper bag and take it to the game. the butter would stain
the sides of the bag and when you would open it at the game the smell
was out of this world! one time dave was doing a story from the stands
and walked by our seats.. we offered him some popcorn right out the of
bag. of course he was not bashful in any way and took a couple big
handfuls, thanked us and went on his way. talk about our brush with

Dave and Barb Brukner

Dave, I have been watching you on the news, through the theater plays, and your involvement in the schools.(30years). You have been a wonderful asset to this community. I can’t tell you how many times you have made me laugh and I have so enjoyed watching you. I will miss you very much but wish you all the best in retirement; you have certainly earned it and definitely deserve it. Mary Siebels

Always enjoy your broadcasts, especially your humor.
Every now and then you stop and talk to us at Shirley’s, next time we see you breakfast is on me.

Good luck.

I met Dave once at a College World Series function and he is as genuine off camera as he is on camera.
I was a witness to his singing ability when he sang the national anthem, but I believe his good nature humor is what I'll remember and miss most about Dave. May Dave have and enjoy a long retirement. Please come back now and then and share your stories with us. Robbie.

Over the years, Dave and I have run into each other without being formally introduced. With our wives at a Chinese restaurant, coming and going from Wheatfield’s. Recognizing my face, he’s said “we have to stop meeting like this”, as one of us is coming or going from a restaurant. A class act and a credit to the Omaha Insurance industry.

Michael J. Kruger

My 71 year old mother has had a "crush" on Mr. Webber forever!!! I saw Dave getting to-go at the Texas Roadhouse around Christmas time. I went up and told him this and asked for his autograph, he went and got his Channel 6 Picture card from his car and signed it. He put a special note on the back for my mom. I wrapped it up and gave it to her for christmas, needless to say it was the best Christmas present I ever gave her!!! THANKS DAVE!!!


I used to work for a food company throughout the Midwest and I was living in Minneapolis I was very home sick for Omaha and one day I saw Dave in an insurance commercial it made me feel a little more comfortable when I saw his face on TV it reminded me of home! Even though it wasn’t a sports cast of his which I always watched when living in Omaha, I thought that was pretty cool that Dave has meant that much on Omaha TV and to me to !
Thank dave

My mother and I always attended the memorial service at Forest Lawn Cemetary on Memorial Day together. The last year we attended before she died Dave sang the National Athem and it was beautiful. My mother was in tears before he finished the song. This is a very cherished memory of my mother and by far my greatest memory of Dave's career. Thank you Dave!!
Tami Regan

We will miss Dave doing the sports. He always makes us laugh. There are so many memories over the years. I am really glad to hear he will still be doing some of the Husker football because it just would not be the same without him...He is one of the biggest Husker fans there is which it what makes him the best Husker sports guy EVER!!!

I best memory of Dave was of him holding the ear of corn after we won the national championship. His excitement was channeled to all of us watching at home. Thank you Dave for all the wonderful years and for your great smile.

Donna Brown

My name is Dave Sempeck and I wanted to share a story about Dave Webber that had picked me up when we I was feeling down.
About three years ago my father and friend Daniel Lee Sempeck passed away due to complications with heart disease and diabetes.
My father who was born, raised and died here in Omaha had gotten to know the Omaha community quite thoroughly through his 30+ years as an OSSA umpire, he had worked for numerous companies such as Kraft Foods, Albert’s Foods, Procter and Gamble, and Food Services of America to name a few, he had worked most of his years down in the Old Market area before he passed away.
Dave came to pay his condolences that day at the mortuary, even after recently undergoing vascular surgery. Which to me in a time of emails, cell phones and texting, showed me he was a man of true character by coming down in person to pay his respects.
He spoke with my mother and my brothers about the good times he and my father had spent in their younger years which brought smiles to our faces.
Whenever we see Dave on the TV or on the sidelines of a football game or hear him on the radio, I think of the visit he made that day of the funeral, and it still brings that smile back on my face.

From one Dave to another, thanks!

One of the nice things about Omaha has been the longevity of the news people. Dave Webber is a genuinely nice person who served the city well, God Bless.

Mark Sundermeier

Congratulations, Dave, on your impending retirement, although I will miss you terribly. The entire team on the WOWT newsdesk has been a nightly part of my life for more years than I care to admit, and although I also like Ross a great deal (he looks just like his dad, by the way, another favorite of mine), he has REALLY BIG shoes to fill. Congratulations to you, too,Ross!

I have had a couple of opportunites to be in the same place at the same time as you, Dave; once on an airplane, where you took the time to speak with me and my husband. The second time was at Shirley's Diner, when you had picked up a dish cloth and pitched in to help during a particularly busy lunch hour. A true blue gentleman, you are, and the real deal, too! Just as nice off camera as on.
More people should follow your example and adopt your sense of kindness and compassion for their fellow man. I wonder....can you be cloned?

Until three years ago, we lived for eight years in Florida, but returned home to Omaha because as I told my husband , "I miss Dave!" Well, that might be a bit of a stretch; the arrival of grandkids probably had something to do with the decision.

Thank you for all you have contributed to this city; I hope you plan to continue doing some of the things that have been important to all of us, including the holiday shows. Your sense of fun does not go unappreciated; and so many of us look forward to your entertaining us at these events (you sing pretty, too).

So, Godspeed, dear Dave; have a wonderful life with your very lucky loved ones and friends, and enjoy every minute each day has to offer.

May You Live
As Long As You Want,

. And Never Want
As Long As You Live.

Thanks for the lovely memories,
Isabel McCullough

I enrolled at UNO, met Dave in (speech?) class, if memory serves, about ’73 or ’74. He was always a great person to be around, liked to joke, as I did, and between us we made that class come alive.

I lost track of him for a while, must have been his Sioux City years, but was pleased to see him come back to Omaha and join WOWT. I have seen & spoke with him several times at Sport Banquets, other of his speaking engagements, at several NU football games (Oklahoma ’05). He always has a smile and remembers a person’s face, ha. By the way, he was working hard that day in Oklahoma, I’ll testify to it.

As a WOWTV captive audience, 10 pm nightly, I’ve followed his carreer and enjoyed his work, antics and his on the air presentation for what, 25 years?? He has continued to make all you do a WOWT fun to listen to and always in a professional way.

He has a lot of fans in these parts and we’ll all miss his smile, laugh, twinkle in his eye, that all knowing crooked smile. Your losing a good one, but you know that already.

Good luck to you, Dave and we’ll keep watching for old time sake, for Rossy ( who is also great) and for the short TV spots it sounds like he’ll still do for you and us, from time to time.

Dave, I’ll see you at the football games!

R.L. (Bob) Peralta

I was born and raised in Shelby, Nebraska . One of our small town hero's was BRIAN HIEMER who played football for UNL. When I heard that Brian Heimer had suffered a gun shot wound at his fathers farm and did not survive, I called Dave and reported it to him, I knew he would check out all the facts before reporting the incident and then do it in a professional manner. Which he did.

Knowing that Dave was a true BIG RED FAN I knew he would appreciate the first call.


While at the Cox Classic this year I was talking with a friend when Dave walked by and said hello. The friend related a story that when he was out of town for quite some time a few years ago he had the television on. He heard a familiar voice on a commercial. He went into the TV room and saw it was Dave Webber. Missing Omaha from being away for so long, he said seeing and hearing Dave gave him a taste of Omaha and made him feel good.

This is just an example of how Dave’s fans appreciate him and Dave’s link to Omaha. His humor and passion for sports will be missed.

Joe Martinec Sr.

My name is Chuck Burney, and I was head coach of Millard South High School's softball team for the first nine years of the program's existence. We were fortunate enough to qualify for the state softball tournament numerous times. One of my fond memories about Dave is watching and listening to him sing the national anthem to kick off the Nebraska State High School softball tournament. The man can sure belt out a tune! Thanks for the memories Dave!!

Chuck Burney

I worked as a Assistant Store manager at the first Disney Store in Omaha, located in the Westroads shopping mall in the early 90's.

Dave worked as a part time staff on the sales floor for one of the Holiday shopping seasons at the Disney Store. Not only did he contribute with public relations for the store, he helped to boost the morale with his fellow employees with his positive attitude and friendly, caring personality and helpfulness.

He worked hard to make sure our customers were taken care of, and the job was done by the demanding Disney standards we all were required to adhere to. If this all was not enough, he also contributed his Part-time paychecks to local charities to help make their situations more comfortable.

I was proud and privileged to be associated, work with, and manage such a fine and outstanding individual. The world could use a lot more people like Dave, to make it a better World to live in!

Congratulations Dave, and enjoy your retirement years! You have more than earned it.

Gratefully Yours,
Greg Nestroyl

The Lucky Corncob:

I believe the year was 1994 Dave was on the field after the Huskers National Championship, almost in tears he was so excited. He was hootin and a yelling trying to talk to players and things were just crazy, then he found a corncob laying on the field and picked it up and said it was all because of the lucky corncob, or something to that effect. The next year at the beginning of the season I picked up a corncob myself, it has been at every televised game we have watched the huskers play since then just waiting for that magic to happen again !

Dave does not know me personally, yet when I have seen him out in public, at a grocery store, shopping or whatever, he always will have a friendly Hello and a smile. Always a gentleman !!

Good luck to you in retirement and keep those lucky corncobs around !! We could use some magic !!


Dear Mr Webber,

I no longer live in the Omaha metropolitan area; but I stay in touch
through the local news websites. I was excited for Mr. Webber and his upcoming retirement.

Over 20 years ago I worked at First Bank on 132nd & Dodge. Mr. Webber was one of our clients. I would see him quite frequently and he was always smiling.

Mr Webber was truly a joy to be around. He was always so positive and happy. I have never forgot his kindness and pleasant personality.

Continued health and happiness to you Mr. Weber. All of the very
best to you and your family.

Roylene Sleegers

Apple Pie morning at the Shelby County Fair has found Dave Webber judging for the past l7 years. Can you believe that Dave has tasted well over 1000 pies in that time? He along with our football Coach Curt Bladt and our Mother of the Year have had that distinct honor of selecting the best "apple pie." Besides tasting these delicious pies, Dave entertains the crowd which is usually around 300 people. He sings, he tells jokes and how we love his genuine friendly ways. People of Shelby county always hope that Dave will be back each year...he's one in a million.....Sincerely and best wishes from Sharon Petersen.

Dave Webber came into my life back in 1987 when I was hired as a "First Impression" for WOWT Channel 6. I worked the afternoon and evening news shift which gave me a lot of exposure to Dave and all of his many adventures. Those were back in the days when "The Badger" called nightly and it was my job to defuse his "unhappiness" wither it was over a mispronounced word used on the air or just dissatisfaction with the news reported in general. Dave always brought an air of excitement to work and had a unique way of making everyone feel special.. Meeting Dave changed my life forever. He helped me to gain a sense of self worth and boosted my confidence to a level that inspired me to want to be more. I gained a lot of experience in the school of hard knocks but some of my best experience I gained while working with Dave at Channel 6. I also learned to play in the key of D & B flat from Dave. He has a lot of talent that I am sure will keep him entertaining for years to come! Congratulations Dave and thanks for all you did for me! You will be long remembered.


As a member of American Legion Post 1, I would like to say that Mr. Webber has given of himself and his time at our Memorial Day Service for a number of years with his music and caring for the veterans. He has performed in both good and bad weather conditions, sometimes with an imperfect sound system, and he still had his great smile and sense of humor. We hope that this tradition continues. Thank you Mr Webber.

Dave Smith



Dave by surrounding himself with Ross, Merlin and Chaps for all these years says alot about his character and judgement. Happy semi-retirement Dave, you' re the best.

Marcus J.

A few years ago, my husband and I were at a Nebraska football game with
some friends. We were enjoying the pre-game show when a microphone came
flying out of the press box! Fortunately, it didn't hit anyone; but
everyone seated in that area was trying to figure out where it came
from. Mr. Webber came down and apologized to everyone in the area and,
of course, wanted his microphone back!

We will truly miss his friendly smile!

Julie Buckler

Dave I would like to Thank You for all the years of Nebraska as well as local sports coverage, although you missed the coverage of the team that Dr Osborne, stated on a competing channel "THAT HE WOULD RATHER PLAY MICHIGAN THAN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP NORTH OMAHA BEARS (MIDGET BLUE) 14-0 AND SCORED ON ONLY ONCE IN 14 GAMES. (1997)

I will personally miss the 6 & 10 sports coverage, another reason is one of your Interns(Reavis Dorsey), my stepson would always go on about how much he enjoyed working with you, so much so when I told him you were retiring, he wanted to know, 'did they fill his spot yet?'

No its been a blast God Bless in whatever it is that you get envolved in ....

Coach Woody(MichaelW)

I am so happy to hear that Dave will still be continuing to cover the Husker Games. He has such a passion and love for the game and our Huskers, it wouldn't be the same without him. For my sports reports, I have watched Dave exclusively since I was 18 years old, 32 years ago. :)

Congratulations Dave! This is a brand new journey for you! Enjoy!

Carrol Reynolds

I saw the newscast where Dave announced he was no longer going to be Sports Director. I knew Dave from my four summers during my college years working at Channel 6, before he was Sports Director. Many have come and gone since then, but Dave has been there ever since.
I remember Dave as both being very personable, but also somewhat mischievous. Dave realized that as long as you were sitting behind a desk, you didn’t need to have your suit pants and dress shoes on to do a sportscast, the shorts and athletic shoes you were wearing while covering an Omaha Royals game were good enough, as long as you had time to put on a dress shirt, coat and tie. But if he even thought he gave offense, he was always prompt with an apology.

Donald Zak.

While I was working at Union Pacific I had the pleasure of working on a training video with Dave. What a professional! He was generous, fun and had such a great attitude. He always brings a smile with him and leaves a lot as he moves on.

Thank You.
Tom Judkins
Council Bluffs IA

My wife Peg and I, along with many friends, catch a few Royals games every year at the Blatt. Before the last major remodeling, we tried sit along the third base side because we occasionally see Dave sitting there. We placed side bets on how many hot dog runs Dave would make before he had to leave and make the 10-o’clock newscast!

Jim Schneider


My name is Jason Fink, I have always been a big fan of Dave Weber, and am said to see him dial it down a notch. He will be missed, and glad he has not completely.

I remember the Freedom isn't Free CD's and how he narrated on those.

Dave you will be missed by all. 65 is not old.

I’m glad to hear that Dave will be starting to take it easy!

I think that my memories of working with Dave are a little different than most. I knew Dave from working on the Annual Christmas Spectacular held at the Orpheum. For two consecutive seasons I was a guest soloist and actor in the event and I thoroughly appreciated Dave’s camaraderie and easy going willingness to step outside his comfort zone. I remember one year when a guitar I owned (which was used in the opening scene of the production) was accidentally broken backstage. The break was substantial, but leaving it to Dave to save the day, he offered to let me use his personal guitar (a pricey Taylor, nonetheless) for all of the performances. However he didn’t stop there. Dave took me personally to a guitar repair man in Benson and arranged for a special price with the man to get my (almost as pricey Martin) guitar back up and running. Thanks Again Dave….and feel free to let me borrow that Taylor again some time!

James Schaffner, tenor and actor
New York, New York

Dave, Thanks for all your years to Nebraska and Omaha sports events especially the high school coverage. As an athletic director I always watched your coverage as it was the best. I really want to thank you for the 14 or 13 years you emceed the Creighton Prep Sports Night ( you did forget to show up one year) .I always enjoyed working with you and wish they would have kept you coming when I stepped down. Good luck and enjoy your retirement. You deserve it.

Tom Dineen, Former Athletic Director, Creighton Prep.

Dave is awesome! He brings to life everything about sports! His enthusiasm is contagious. I know that the station will be in good hands, but he will be greatly missed.

God bless you Dave!

Dave doesn’t know me at all however one of my friends is an Oddo from “Little Italy”. He told me many times how great Dave was to his family, and at his Mom’s funeral I sat across the table the dinner from Dave and was impressed how classy he is!

Also, my son was in one of the Christmas programs at the Holland last year, and he said how great Dave is.

Kudos Dave! Not only are an “On air personality”, you are a good guy!

Take care and enjoy the rest of your life!

Jeff Catron

First of all, Dave will be missed, but I'm glad he will remain part of the Channel 6 family.

My memories of Dave - there are a lot, so I will only type a few. He practically watched me grow up when I had to come to work with my dad; I remember when Marcy had the diving accident, I was also (along with many others, I'm sure) very worried about her & the Webber family; I had the pleasure of meeting David when we were both students at UNO.

What I will remember most, however, is that I thought it was so cool that Dave was left-handed! I didn't know very many lefties at that time in my life, & he taught me to be ambidextrious. If I had to, I could at least write legibly with my left hand! :) Now, I am married to a lefty, my inlaws are lefties, & have one son who's a lefty. Weird how that works!

In any case, have a wonderful semi-retirement, enjoy those new grandbabies when they arrive, take care of yourself & your family, & I wish the best of luck to you! I'm sure we will see you around somewhere!

Tami (George's daughter) Brinkhous

One memory that stands out to my husband and I was when Dave was covering the Husker game out of town. He found a corn cob and swore that was a sign of what was to come--a Husker victory! We've so enjoyed watching Dave over the years. We've lived in the Omaha area our entire lives ( we're in our fifties) and Dave has been an important part of the Omaha fabric. We're just glad Dave will be a part of yet another Husker season. Go Huskers!

Steve and Jo Coleman

Dear Dave

Whenever I see you around town, sometimes at Arbor garage, I always tell you your my favorite sprots caster. I just love your sence of humor. My son called you some years ago to ask you a sports question. You said you did,nt know but you would find out, which you did for him. I just thought so nice. Dave I am really going to miss you.

hope to see around town.
Gayle Sanko

Great job over the years Dave. You will be greatly missed. Congratulations Ross, well deserved and we wish you the best.

Dave is and will continue to be the voice of sports in the Metropolitan area. The good news is that he will stay on to do football this fall and hopefully various special events/assignments in the future. Many of your viewers should know that Dave is very generous with his time for local charities. His presence always provides a significant addition to the programs presented. Dave is an asset to the news team and to the citizens of the viewing area. We will miss his commentary but know that he will continue to be a force behind the scenes. Verne Welch

Its said to see you go, glad your going to be around on Friday’s and Saturday’s. Enjoy retirement and those twins

I remember attending a High School Journalism competition a year or two ago, and there was a Q&A session with Dave Webber. After listening to his absolutely hilarious commentary for a few minutes it became apparent just how real he was. Very often you feel TV personalities end when the cameras turn off, but Dave showed that he was himself everywhere he went, and it really makes him a likeable person. I’ve never heard a negative word against the man and I think he is deserving of all the praise he receives from viewers and other members of the community. Thanks for making Channel 6 a great news program to watch, and thanks for showing a few high school kids what the best journalists are like, off the set. Have fun in semi-retirement!

Omaha, NE

One only needs to watch you once to know that you love what you do. That love of broadcasting, and broadcasting sports in particular, is what has made me a fan of yours for as long as I’ve been watching the news. Like so many Nebraskans of my generation (I am 36 years old), one of my absolute favorite and fondest sports memories was Tom Osborne’s first National Championship following the 1994 season. The game was clearly the highlight of the evening, but second only to it was your post-game reporting from the Orange Bowl. Your story of picking up the corn cob and holding onto it throughout the game was both funny and moving and completely relatable at the same time. Any fan could have imagined himself doing the same thing had they been there. Your reporting that night drew us in, and we all felt like we were right there with you. Had I ever had the opportunity to meet you in person, I’d always intended to thank you for sharing that moment with so many thousands of Husker fans that night. So, while this medium may not be as personal, I’ll use this opportunity anyway. Thank you!

Tim Minturn

I knew that this would eventually happen. Dave is my favorite sportscaster and I will miss him. My fondest memory was when Nebraska won one their 90's National Championships and the genuine emotion and joy in his report-never will I forget his CORNCOB and his love and devotion to the Huskers. Good Luck!

dave have agood retirement never meet yu.i like ed what yu say oun the outdoor report guy yu really get in to it thats a heck of a cool newssports repoter too do have a good time dave your#1 there guy!!!later eric



Congratulations on your semi-retirement Dave! I remember following you during a couple of Senior golf tournaments at Offutt and sitting in the clubhouse talking with you and John after the game. You were reminiscing about your days as a two striper in the SAC Elite Guard. Enjoy your retirement and I hope you can hit the golf course more often now.

Ted Parker

Having worked for channel 3 and 7 in my lifetime, I have always
looked for all three stations for news and information. I've
followed Dave's career and am especially envious of his success
in acting and contributions to the arts in Omaha.

My funny story for you to rib him about:

When I worked for Steve Buchanan's station on West Dodge
several winters ago, Dave drove into the station one very cold
wintery night and wanted to borrow a slim jim. He had just
locked his car at home with the engine running and did not
have an extra key. LOL Knowing his integrity, I gave him mine
and he returned it to the best of my memory.LOL.

I hope he continues in the Arts in Omaha, and contributing to
our quality of life here in the Heartland, and finds a good
retirement part-time,"Keep Me Busy," job to stay in the public
eye, not only in Sports.

Having retired myself, he will find that he will need something to get
up for every day. As a musician - Guitar/songwriter I am sure
he will find out that Old song writer/musicians never die, the
just decompose.

My fondest memmory of WOW talent is Jonie the weather girl
many years ago that I had a crush on. LOL

Always listening, LJ

It was always a pleasure watching sports each night when Dave was on. Dave has a sense of humor all his own and kept the sports casting light and entertaining, but always a professional. We will miss you Dave and hearing you say “HI everybody” before you reported the sports….Rossy is going to have some big shoes to fill but he will do a fantastic job just like everyone does on news watch 6. Bless you Dave!!!!!!

Dave- Just wanted to thank you for your coverage of Bellevue University sports. My dad is Jerry Mosser the former Athletic Director. He has always had good things to say about you. Good luck in your future endeavors. Hopefully we will still get to watch you on a part time basis. Good Luck and thanks for your great coverage the last 32 years.

Dave has been a favorite of my family since he and Dave Rimmington were guest speakers at my son's South Omaha Pee Wees football banquet in the early 80's.Dave,thanks for the entertainment and the best of luch on your retirement.
Russ Dysart

Thanks Dave for all your professional and entertaining coverage of sports. I have been a long time fan and your day to day coverage will be missed. I am glad to hear you will still be covering the big red. Your passion for husker football and your coverage of the national championships and your lucky corn cob will be forever remembered. Good luck!

Rick Haave
Utilities Manager
University of Nebraska

we were neighbors of dave's for several years, in the benson area, he was always very involved in our little neighborhood and all the kids loved him they still remember a couple of the halloween parties they held..... i think that the sign is still on his garage, to watch out for children !!!

he will be greatly missed on the news !!!

judy and carl

Although I am not a big sports fan, I have always enjoyed watching
Dave do the sports. He will be missed - thanks for being there, Dave!

Bill McCollum

Dave Webber’s departure makes me sad. L
Happy for him. Really bummed to see him go.

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