Citizen Corps Steering Committee
The Seven-Program Committee

  • Neighborhood Watch Groups (NWGs) –
    A Neighborhood Watch is one city block, both sides of the street. They unite the block into a group of people who know and watch out for each other. We encourage NWG members to develop a plan for their block in case of a disaster of any kind, and to have at least two members take CERT Training. (To start a Neighborhood Watch, please call your local police or sheriff’s department. For OPD, the number is 444-5772.)

  • Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) –
    In 95% of all emergencies, the victim or a bystander provides the first immediate assistance on the scene. Take CERT training, learn basic first aid and emergency response skills, to prepare for any type of emergency in your neighborhood. (Call 680-8705 for more information.)

  • Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) –
    Licensed health professionals make up this group, and provide medical support during emergencies. (Call 522-7970 for more information.)

    These two groups of volunteers have radio equipment enabling them to communicate with medical and law enforcement personnel during an emergency. (If interested in training, call REACT at 708-8785, or ARES at 980-4540.)

  • Omaha Coalition of Citizen Patrols (OCCP) –
    This group, which also has radio equipment, works in their own neighborhoods on crime prevention and emergency situations. (Call 345-6388 for more information.)

  • Citizens in Omaha Police Service (COPS) –
    Volunteers in this group work inside the Omaha Police Department doing typing, filing and other administrative duties. (Call 444-3598 for more information.)

  • Fire Corps
    Similar to COPS, these volunteers work inside the Omaha Fire Department, helping with administrative details. (Call 444-3560 for more information.)

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