"You Will Live In Hell..."

By: Malorie Maddox, Mike Denker Email
By: Malorie Maddox, Mike Denker Email

She broke up with him, but he didn't get the message. Instead, he started stalking her.

We are calling the victim "Deanna."

Deanna says, "He kept on saying to me we were meant to be. If you leave me, you will live in hell."

Deanna is talking about a man she once loved, David Burlingame.

Deanna says, "He started becoming controlling. I couldn't go anywhere. I didn't do anything with my friends. He broke me down so bad, everything just came tumbling down and I knew I couldn't deal with it"

After almost two years of dating, she broke up with him.

"From that point on, I was always looking over my shoulder thinking...when is it going to happen?" said Deanna.

She didn't have to wait long.

Deanna says, "In the morning, I'd go out to have coffee on my deck and I'd look over to the right and he was sitting in the parking lot just staring at me."

It didn't stop there.

Deanna says, "One day I got 60 restricted phone calls, 60!"

Deanna got a protection order, and tried filing police reports anytime she felt threatened.

"I tried to file at least 20, at least 20. I believe there is only eleven."

But then, a huge break in the case. A neighborhood couple had noticed how many times David Burlingame was driving through their neighborhood. They started keeping a log.

They tell Channel 6 News it was as many as 50 times in one month. Prosecutor Julie Medina says, the log showed on one day he was driving by every 20-30 minutes. She also points out, these neighbors did not know "Deanna." That helped in this case.

Deanna says, "It was almost an obsession. A complete obsession."

Lynn Pollitt is a Director of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault at the Women's Center for Advancement. She says more than 6 million people are stalked ever year, three times as many women as men.

Pollitt says, "It's about creating an atmosphere of terror, intimidation. It's always that feeling you're looking over your shoulder. You don't know where to expect it. That's part of the power and control that a stalkers trying to exert over the victim."

Pollitt says it is key for all of us to be active bystanders. You can call law enforcement if you don't feel comfortable saying something directly to your neighbors.

"The neighbors want their neighborhood to be safe as well, and they can look out for you...it's everybody doing their part." said Pollitt.

In Deanna's case, three neighbors testified at David's trial. He was convicted of stalking and violating a protection order.

"Do you think he should be in jail? Deanna says, "Of course. No one should treat another like this."

David Burlingame is set to be sentenced on March 28th. He is facing up to 2 1/2 years.

Prosecutor Julie Medina says he is out right now because he posted bond. She says his bond was $70,000. David posted 10%, or $7,000, to get out until he is sentenced.

Deanna says, "I'm not scared anymore."

Sheriff's deputies are sitting outside her new home, watching for David.

If you need help, please call the WCA hotline. They will answer the phone 24/7.

The number to call is: 402.345.7273
Spanish Hotline: 402.672-7118

Lynn Pollitt, of the WCA, shared this: "No one person has to do everything, but everyone has to do something."

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