Tracking Your Teens

As your kids get older, it's almost impossible to know where they are at all times. Or is it? Serese Cole shows us how technology is making it easy to track your teens.

Seventeen-year-old Jasmine Alexander has gained the trust of her mom, Cheryl.

Cheryl Alexander, "Very studious, hardworking, gets good grades - not a problem in school."

So Cheryl had no problem - giving us the keys to her daughter's car.

While Jasmine was at school, Complete Security & Investigations Inc. Matt Schott showed us how easy it is to track a teen. In less than one minute, he installed a GPS tracking device in Jasmine's car. The unsuspecting senior had no idea - her every move would be monitored for the next five days.

Mom - wasn't worried. But some parents are - and have turned to private investigators - like Matt for help.

Schott says, "'They're questioning the friends that their children are hanging out with, they question the activities that their kids have been doing."

Sometimes their instincts are right.

"The child said they were going to spend the weekend with a family friend in Kansas City - and we found that the child actually went with a boyfriend in Cedar Rapids, Iowa," said Schott.

Serese Cole, "And the technology is better than ever. At any given time, you can see where the car is, how fast it's going, where it's parked - even for how long."

Back at the Alexander house - the results are in.

Schott says, "Looks like she left school at 35 minutes after noon on Thursday. It looks like she left again on Friday went down in the area of 22nd street and she parked there for 2.7 hours - left there at 9:12 and arrived back home 9:35 Friday night."

There was nothing mom didn't expect.

"Seventeen-years-old and home by 10 o'clock every night - wow," Schott said.

We finally let Jasmine in on what was going on.

"It tracked every single place I went? You knew I was at the game, " Jasmine asked.

Mom says even though - she wouldn't need it, she can understand why some parents might.

"I would think it's primarily because they're looking to protect their child," said Cheryl.

Or just keep them on the right path.

If you're wondering what it would cost to have your child tracked...
CSI Investigator, Matt Schott, says after installation, it would run parents about 250 dollars a week. However, you can do it yourself. There are number of free tracking apps available for your cell phone.

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