Running Out of Time, Child Will Soon Have Nothing To Eat

Time is running out for one Omaha family, as their little boy has a rare disease.

On the outside, Jamus Hovseth looks like the normal three year-old.

But the truth, lies underneath his shirt to the tube coming out of his stomach. It's there so he can eat, because Jamus is allergic to food - all food.

"It's probably the worst thing you can probably ever imagine as a parent," said Shawn and Robyn Hovseth, parents.

Jamus has a rare disease called FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome). It causes his body to reject most food proteins. So Jamus lives on a prescription formula, it's the only source of nutrients he is able to keep down.

The powder mix is directly inserted into his stomach through a tube six times a day.

When asked if he feels it in his tummy, he just smiles and pats his stomach.

If this disease wasn't taxing enough on this family, more devastating news came a few months ago. When the company that made Jamus' formula was forced to stop production with the FDA changed it's ingredient requirements. Now his body rejects the formula. Now, the one thing on the planet he can eat is gone.

The family is down to his last cans, all they have left is 60 left in their cabinet. They estimate it will only last Jamus through December.

So now, the family is on a constant search for an alternative food source.

"We just went to Philadelphia, and met doctors there, and we are just grasping I guess, trying to find something," said Robyn.

The only alternative if his food supply runs out is the hospital. In the hospital he would be hooked to an IV to get nutrients, but that comes with it's own consequences.

"Pretty big side affects with it, eventual liver failure, it can cause liver failure, your digestive system can go to sleep, increased infections," said Shawn.

With the clock ticking, the family is trying anything they can to find a solution. And while doing so, working hard to not panic Jamus.

"I think he over hears us talking about it, but he's, I don't know," said Robyn with tears in her eyes.

In the meantime the family is experimenting with food trials. This is when the family tests Jamus with a new formula or a different kind of food. It's something they have been doing his whole life, but after more tests than can be counted, his body has never accepted anything.

The family has started a fundraiser and put out a plea for anyone who has the formula Jamus needs. To learn more, visit his facebook page "Fight for Jamus." Click the link below.

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