UPDATE: Management Says Nightmare Neighbor Has 30 Days To Leave

By: Joe Chiodo, Brittany Gunter Email
By: Joe Chiodo, Brittany Gunter Email
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A spokeswoman with Mercy Housing tells WOWT 6 News that a neighbor that's been causing disruptions has now been given a 30-day notice to leave.

This after more residents of the TimberCreek Apartments in West Omaha said a neighbor in their building is tormenting them. The women say the man has been acting up and causing disruptions for about 7 months, but aren't getting much help from the apartment managers. The women are speaking out after WOWT first reported about him creating holes in one resident's ceiling and dropping urine below, onto her bed and carpet.

Mary Hickey and two residents of the apartment complex that want to remain anonymous said they have been dealing with the nightmare neighbor for months. Hickey said the neighbor, who lives above her, poured urine onto her bed after drilling/pounding holes from his floor into her ceiling. Another resident said he threatened to kill her. The third resident said he often pounds on his ceiling with a hammer, cutting holes into her floor.

The woman who was threatened said, "He put his phone up to my door as I was taking my dog outside...and said I'm going to effing kill you and I emailed the office – and I never heard back from them. I was scared to come back in. I called my boyfriend and asked him to come back over right away we went in together and the recording played again and my boyfriend said that is absolutely absurd you need to get on that right away."

The other neighbor explained, "He started pounding super hard with the hammer and it frightened me out of bed I thought I was having a heart attack. He has to be standing on something to do that so that’s why I feel its premeditated – there's no support from the office."

All three women said they have sent multiple emails to the apartment's managers, but usually do not get a response back.

The contract for Timbercreek Apartments that each signed states that threats of violence, disruptive activity to other people, and destruction of property result in immediate eviction. On another page of the contract it says if complaints against a resident exceed three in 12 months, there is a just cause for eviction. The women said they have had police response and complaints nearly 15 times in 7 months.

Local management told WOWT 6 News, on multiple occasions, they cannot comment on the matter, because they are run by a larger corporate company.

We did reach out to Mercy Housing, the corporate management company that owns Timbercreek, about the alleged urine and soap incident that happened to Hickey. In an email they said, "Our response was not only timely, but we acted to both resolve the matter in the best interest of the community and for all the individuals involved.” They said they offered Mary the opportunity to transfer to a different unit. She said it would have been too costly and difficult to move.

Hickey said, "I don’t know what to do I feel like I'm in prison with someone who insists on finding ways at the very least to frighten us he has damaged my personal property. I'm frightened…nervous…can't really rest enough to get good sleep he does this stuff round the clock there's no pattern to it."

The most recent incident occurred on Friday, Spetember 27. Hickey said the man was banging and pounding on the walls late at night. She called police.

Police have responded and filled out multiple incident reports over the past few months, but Hickey said police need physical evidence, such as a recording of banging or screaming rants she said the man often goes on, to make an arrest.

On one instance however, the women said management notified them that the police got a Mental Health Warrant for the man, and took him to a facility for 72 hours. The women said the managers told them he would be gone and to not worry about him. The women told WOWT 6 News he came back to the apartment following the alleged stay at a facility, and began making more pounding noises.

"So what do you do? You just lay in bed at night. You don’t know when you'll be jolted out of bed or when the police will come to take him away we just get no information," said one neighbor.

Police did encourage Hickey to file a warrant for the man's arrest due to disturbing the peace and destruction of property. Hickey and a neighbor went to the County Prosecutor's office to file the warrant
Friday. They said the office told them it could take up to a month to process.

In WOWT 6 Factfinder's first report hickey said initially maintenance thought it had something to do with the plumbing. They checked it out and nothing was wrong, so that’s when they checked the apartment above her.

Mary said, “He had rolled up carpet, had made holes in his floor, and that he was pouring stuff through.” She says he poured soapy liquid through the holes, even urine at times, destroying her carpet and bed below.

She had to move a lot of her items from the bedroom to the living room and she also slept on the living room floor for weeks while she waited for her ceiling to get fixed.

The ceiling is now repaired, but Mary had to pay for a new bed. She did have renters insurance, but had to pay a $500 deductible. She doesn’t know whether her neighbor is still living there or not. She just thinks management should have acted quicker. “It’s been very frustrating and very frightening because no one would listen to us.”

If you find yourself in a similar situation you can contact the Family Housing Advisory Services located at 24th and Lake in Omaha. Their number is 800-669-3247.

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