Mysterious Lien Shows Up Ten Years After Sale

A couple living west of Omaha makes a shocking discovery about their home. Something left behind years ago affects the family's future.

A decade after moving in the Sicmellers see a ghost loan haunting their ability to refinance or sell their home.
Amy Sichmeller the homeowner says, I feel duped, i feel limited i feel like I'm trapped."

The couple couldn't get a lower rate mortgage because of a mysterious lien on their house. It turns out the seller just days before closing took out a loan and put the house up for collateral.

The paperwork on the 50 thousand dollar second mortgage didn't get filed until two weeks after purchase so a title search wouldn't catch it. The sellers didn't tell the buyers. Amy Sichmeller says, "They knew they were selling the house so why would you take a loan out on the property your not even going to be living in anymore, or have anything to do with and just walk away with 50,000 dollars?"
Her husband Jason Sichmeller says, "It sounds really fishy to me. Somebody should look into this and how they got away with this."

The couple says a lawyer told them it could cost thousands of dollars to remove the lien. But Fact Finders put them in contact with the lender and the Nebraska department of banking.Amy says. "I got great news."
Amy says the lien has been taken off their home. She says, "It's a huge weight off my shoulders they I don't have to worry about, this has been going on five months we've been dealing with this."

The home sellers moved to another city and can’t be reached for comment. The Saunders county attorney says the suspicious loan is beyond the statute of limitations for prosecution.

The state banking division won't comment on the status of its investigation.

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