Is Cursive Handwriting A Dying Art Form?

When was the last time you wrote a note or letter by hand?

Most of us communicate by sending messages by email or text.

Cursive writing is still taught in our schools, but does it have the same importance it used to, or is it a dying art form?

Third graders at Chandler View Elementary are working hard on what might be considered a dying art form.

Cursive handwriting.

It's a tough concept to grasp.

The written letter is fast becoming obsolete.

Texting, instant messaging and email are forms of written communication that are displacing longhand, or cursive writing.

Jesse Marmo describes how to write the lower case letter 'r'.

"You do a line then another across like down kind of and then you do a kind of loop like a skateboard thing," he said.

And while describing how to write in long hand is tough, reading it can be just as difficult.

"It's like hard to read cursive because I got a cursive letter and I didn't know how to read it," Jesse said.

Abby Hernandez has a better solution.

"I wouldn't read it," she said. "I would just look at it and say oh, what's this?"

"I think its a lost art form for sure and becoming less relevant as the years go on," Principal Greg Eversoll said.

He remembers his own difficulty with cursive writing.

Today, Eversoll said rarely writes in cursive himself, mainly using the computer.

But what cost to humanity?

"Go find any teenaged girl or young boy and have them write you a note and you'll see their personality come out in their hand writing and with that going to the wayside with texting and whatnot, you're losing a lot there," he said.

Eversoll said a sign of the changing times is in report cards, which are no longer hand written.

Another sign that things will never be the same, keyboarding is recorded on a student's progress report while handwriting is not.

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