Investigating the Paranormal

Ever get a chill down your spine? Or wonder if something from the paranormal lingers in your home? Many people swear they have had encounters with the paranormal.

As lighting eerily flashes over John Sutter's Mill, it's seems like the perfect night for a ghost hunt. Nils Erickson owns the place. He said he's definitely seen some spooky occurrences.

"Then here in this building we would actually have tools move, or sometimes they would fly off the shelves," said Erickson.

For instants like that, he's asked two paranormal experts to see if anyone or anything lingers. Almost immediately there is a sign.

The Channel Six tripod sitting safely in another room falls over. A quick check of the room shows no sign of anything.

The paranormal investigators move upstairs.

"Well alright, we got something going on here, we got something going on here," said Terri Musgrave.

A bar originally from the Blackstone Hotel, Erickson received two months ago. But he believes he may have gotten more than just the bar, he wonders if he got some ghosts and spirits with it.

"Is there anyone here that is going to belly up to this bar with us tonight," said Musgrave.

Using digital audio recorders and magnet field instruments, they wait as Musgrave speaks to the void.

"Why don't we try this, if you can light up all these lights by coming close, that can tell me you can hear me," said Musgrave.

For a few seconds the meter holds on red.

"When it can't be explained it is pretty spooky," said Erickson.

After just a few moments, whatever it was, is gone.

Erickson said he has always been a spiritual person.

"There has got to be a reason why we are here, and sometimes we linger," said Erickson.

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