It's A Struggle! Giving Your Kids A Healthy Body Image

A Vogue author fires off a storm of controversy. She writes about her struggle to get her 7-year-old daughter to lose weight. We caught up with moms to ask...did she go too far?

In Dara Lynn Weiss's article, "Weight Watchers," she admits to fighting a year long battle for her daughter Bea.

Weiss admits to dramatically ripping a drink out of her daughters hand in Starbucks. This--and other methods--lead to Weiss being called cruel and abusive.

We caught up with moms--and their preteen daughters--at Camp Maha.

The girl scouts all know they have rules when it comes to eating healthy.

Emily says, "If it's a treat like that big they let me have like two of those, or usually I just get fruit."

Megan says, "Sometimes she says I need to stop!"

As the girls went hiking through the hills with Channel 6's Malorie Maddox, they told her it can be tough saying no to sweets.

Emily says, "Ice Cream. That's my Favorite!"

The girls aren't the only ones in this battle. Their moms are, too.

Stephanie Jensen says, "It's a big struggle. I'm glad pediatricians are starting to bring up weight. When you go through the drive-thru, it's twice as much for a salad than it is for a Happy Meal."

All of the mother says they try to balance the rules--while still giving their daughter a good body image.

Kelly Swoboda, a mother says, "We've had discussions before we've gone into stores as to what's appropriate. It's been a little bit of a challenge, but no tears or anything."

So how do the moms feel about Dara Lynn Weiss's article? Should she have shared her 7-year-old daughter's struggle in the pages of Vogue?

Nancy Kochanowicz says, "If you do it publicly and humiliate them you're going backwards instead of forwards."

Another mom agrees. "Talk to your daughter or son when no one is around-and they can ask questions and not feel threatened by who's around and who's listening."

In the end, they want their daughters to be healthy...and happy.

"You want to show them as role model to be comfortable in their own skin, but society doesn't always allow that," Said Stephanie Jensen.

Dara Lynn Weiss isn't shying away from sharing her daughter's battle with the public. She just landed a book deal.

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