Debate Surrounding Entertainment District Dress Code

A new entertainment district in Lincoln is implementing a dress code.

The district is called Canopy Street and it's just west of the Haymarket area.

The district bordered by 7th and old 6th St from east to west and R to P St. north and south.

It's creating quite a discussion.

When the new entertainment district opens, the clothes will make the customer.

A dress code will be enforced both inside and out.

“It's kind of strange I guess to have a dress code down here,” Donelle Moormeier of Cortland said. “But I guess I don't mind what they are proposing.”

The list of banned items is very clothing with profanity on it, no sleeveless shirts or tank tops, no exposed underwear and no clothing that can be used as a weapon such as chains on wallets.

“You've got the whole no shirt no shoes no service thing so I think they're just trying to keep some sense of human dignity,” UNL Music Instructor Ben Coleman said.

But UNL Sophomore Collin Erickson didn't quite agree.

“I don't really see the point in limiting tank tops and things like that,” he said, “but I mean I guess rules are rules.”

Mary Jenkins is visiting from Southern California where dress codes are already in place.

“One of the places I regularly attend is Dodger Stadium and they want to keep it looking nice, so bare midriffs are not allowed, torn jeans there are places with closed toed shoes,” she said.

But not everyone is convinced.

“It's going a little too far,” Kellie Mitchell of Lincoln said. “I express what I want to wear and I'm not going to wear a fancy shirt when I go out to have a drink or want to have a drink and dinner. I'm going to be in my nice leisurely clothes.”

Also banned, panhandling. loitering, skateboards and skates along with bicycles. While that may cause some problems in an area so close to a university, Mary Jenkins said there are alternatives.

“I think there needs to be some kind of standard,” she said. “People need to take pride in how they look when they are out attending things. If you want to look like that stay in your backyard.”

Two malls in the metro area also have dress codes. Village Pointe and Shadow Lake Town Center address clothing in their code of conduct.

Both are more broadly worded, stating visitors could be asked to leave for failure to be fully clothed or wearing apparel that could provoke a disturbance or conflict.

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