Close Call For Young Mother

Heart stopping moments for a west Omaha mother. She tells fact finders how she confronted a car thief in her own garage. Her three year old son in the backseat of the car.

The young mother says her son told her, " A big bad man got in the car and I said did he talk to you and he said no I stayed really quiet." A quick striking car thief may not have seen the child in a car seat.
The young mother says, "I was so scared to get my son out of the car, He can have the car he can have my purse."

Parked in her garage, mom who asked not to be identified had left the key in the car while dropping off packages and the family dog before her son's doctor's appointment. Inside barely a minute she returned to the scare of a lifetime.

The young mother says, "I was just beating on the hood, screaming hysterically at him,saying get out of the car."
The victim says she couldn't get a real good description of the would be car thief sitting behind the wheel of her car because he had on a stocking hat, hoodie and when he saw her he tried to cover his face.

The suspect got out of the car and ran to a waiting vehicle that is similar to a late model tan explorer. An accomplice or two inside they sped away.

Douglas Count Sheriff's Deputy Dennis Yeaman says, "We had a quick response time within a couple of minutes but the get away car was already gone." The woman got a plate number but it turned out to be stolen.

Young mother says, ":I wasn't expecting it at one fifteen in the afternoon."

Tips to learn for this close call. Before you pull into your driveway look around for suspicious people or vehicles.Close the garage door behind you right away. And don't leave keys in your car --- even in the garage.

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