Update: Chihuahua, Who Was Attacked By Rottweilers, Dies

Posted October 22

A little dog attacked by two bigger dogs has died. The dog named Mojo survived for a week. His owner wants to know why there aren't any new citations against the owner of the big dogs.

Around lunchtime on October 12, Mojo - a longhair chihuahua - hid in the south Omaha bushes at 27th and Washington after being attacked by two rottweilers who had escaped from their kennels.

The small dog had been out for a walk on a leash when, witnesses say, the rottweilers sunk their teeth into him and pulled from both sides.

At the time, Martha Navarez said, "He's really quiet so it concerns me. He looks like he is bleeding everywhere."

The owner of the two rottweilers received two tickets that afternoon and the dogs were labeled as potentially dangerous. Mojo's death a week later doesn't change a thing.

The Nebraska Humane Society says if the little dog would have died on the spot -- the bigger dogs would have been taken away immediately and the dogs labeled dangerous.

Instead, the dogs were labeled potentially dangerous.

But since it appeared the rottweilers didn't maul the dog -- that most of the damage stemmed from a size difference and one bite -- animal control believes the two tickets for biting and being unleashed were appropriate.

Investigators also want to remind dog owners that being a potentially dangerous dog comes with similar stringent rules as labeled a dangerous dog. In both cases -- the owner must muzzle them in public, get insurance and take a pet responsibility class.

If the owner fails to do so, she can be cited as a reckless owner and risk losing the dogs.

Mojo's owner is upset because, ultimately, her healthy dog died because it was attacked by two dogs roaming the neighborhood.

These two potentially dangerous dog declarations join the 108 others that have been put on the list, so far, this year.

Posted October 12

An Omaha woman was bitten by her granddaughter's Chihuahua after it was attacked by two rottweilers.

Police called to 27th and Y streets just before noon Friday say the woman was walking the Chihuahua when the dog was attacked by two unrestrained rottweilers. A neighbor heard the commotion and helped the woman free the dog. The woman told Channel 6 News the dog was so scared it bit her hand.

“She was taking them for a walk and headed home when two stray dogs came around the corner," said Martha Navarez, who owns the longhair Chihuahua. “He's really quiet so it concerns me. He looks like he is bleeding everywhere."

Mojo bit grandma in the finger as she tried to comfort him. “I think she might need stitches," said Martha. No one blames him for that.

She said the two big dogs each had a hold of his sides and pulled in opposite directions. “They didn't think he would come out, but once he heard me call him he came out pretty fast. He was actually my 20th birthday present, my first dog ever. I wasn't allowed to have a dog until I got older. My parents finally decided I could have one when I turned 20."

Police found the two rottweilers in a kennel about two blocks away. Their owner was cited for having unrestrained animals and destruction of property. Both dogs are current on their vaccines.

Mojo and Martha were off to the veterinarian. Mojo is now resting at home, trying to get comfortable. His condition is uncertain.

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