Arrest Threat A Scam

Pay up or go to jail. That threat made by scam artists calling people here in the metro. One victim called their bluff.

A threat of arrest has Eric Dauscher going to police. Eric says, "I haven't slept in a day and a half because I’m scared." Eric is a victim of a scam demanding he pay a loan or goes to jail.

Fact Finders listened to the scam artist call to Eric.The.scammer says, "I’m not trying to play any games." Eric answers, "I’m not playing games either, I don't believe it.”

LaVista police detective Ben Iversen is also listening when the con man calls. Scammer says, "The charges on you are criminal charges. The authorities are going to issue an arrest warrant and you have to be incarcerated."

With the Lavista detective listening, the scam artist tells Eric a green dot money pak is his get out of jail card but it’s not free. The con man telling him to go to a Wal-mart and purchase one for 850 dollars to pay off an alleged debt" The scam artist then wants the security code off the back which would allow him to retrieve the money anywhere without a trace.

But detective Iversen tells Eric don't pay. Iversen tells Eric, "Take some deep breaths relax, you’re not going to be under arrest. You don't owe this money. This is not how law enforcement operates."

That’s a relief for the victim who says the pay or jail threats sound convincing. Eric Dauscher says, "They scared me and I thought I was really street smart. I thought I knew a lot of game. But I don't know all the game."

Eric believes an on line loan application got in the wrong hands leading scammers to him. But their threats of arrest don't bother him now he knows a real detective is on to the phony cop.

The scam artists can clone phone numbers to fool victims. In this case 9-1-1 showed up on caller I-D. The caller claimed to be a Los Angeles officer who will come to LaVista and arrest Eric if he didn't pay the phony loan.

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