Update: Another Arrest in Pawn Shop Robbery

Posted January 9

The Metro Area Fugitive Task Force has arrested a teenager on an armed robbery warrant. He's accused of robbing a Council Bluffs pawn shop of ten handguns in November.

There are three suspects who have been identified by Bluffs police.

DeQuan White, 18, of Council Bluffs was arrested Wednesday in Omaha in the area of 28th & Hartman. James Smith, 18, had already turned himself in.

A third person, Alex Provencher, 16, remains on the loose and is the subject of a manhunt.

The Council Bluffs robbery of Brown Loans was caught on camera in November.

Detectives say Provencher is the one who pistol whipped and kicked a female clerk before escaping with two others. They took several handguns from the case and one from the store owner.

Posted January 7, 2013

Omaha Police have taken two stolen guns off the street. The guns are connected to an even bigger case -- a Council Bluffs pawn shop robbery where thieves walked out with 10 guns.

Omaha police recovered two guns in an arrest on New Year's Eve. Another one was recovered in South Omaha in November. 7-of-the-10 stolen guns are still missing.

It was a brutal daytime robbery back in November at Brown Loans at 7th and Broadway.

On Monday, Channel Six News learned from CB Police that the 16-year-old pointing a gun at the store clerks is Alexander Provencher. Investigators say he pistol whipped and kicked a female employee.

Provencher had two accomplices. One was a lookout posing as a customer. The other headed straight to the glass case where the handguns were located.

Bluffs investigators say the decoy, James Smith, 18, has turned himself in.

Investigators are still searching for the two suspected gang members: DeQuan White, 18, and Alexander Provencher, 16.

Council Bluffs police say the two are armed and dangerous.

Posted November 30, 2012

A store clerk beaten by a gunman last week during a robbery spoke Friday with Channel 6 News. Detectives need our help in tracking down the suspects.

Of the 10 guns stolen from Brown Loans at 7th and Broadway in Council Bluffs, one has been recovered in Omaha. Police believe three teens were responsible. It was originally thought that two did it.

Investigators say one stormed into Brown Loans over the lunch hour on November 19th, pointed a gun at the clerks and hit and kicked one of them several times. “He kicked me, he stomped on me. He was unhappy where I was laying originally."

Denise now carries a gun in her waistband. “I feel better. I feel more protected because if I would have had a weapon the day they were in here they wouldn't have been able to leave."

It was initially thought that a frightened customer seen on security video ran out of the store when the gunman entered. Now, investigators believe he was actually a decoy, a distraction, the lookout for the other two and there's now a warrant out for 18-year-old James Smith.

One suspect avoided the security camera and went straight to the gun case. Investigators have a warrant for 18-year-old Dequan White. The third suspect, a 16-year-old, is not being identified because he is a juvenile.

“I'm angry," said Denise. "I'm angry that young children, kids did this."

Brown Loans now has signs explaining why hoods and hats need to be taken off and backpacks must be left by the door. “There's a lot of robberies going on in Council Bluffs, a lot. It wouldn't surprise me if it's our guns and I'm scared someone's going to get killed."

As soon as the gunman ran out, Denise, who had been beaten, still ran after him looking for clues. Even in hindsight, she does not regret the decision. In a rush of adrenaline, Denise also grabbed a cordless drill off the shelf as she went after the gunman.

Anyone with information about the suspects is asked to call 911.

Posted November 20, 2012

Armed robbers seem to be getting bolder. On Monday afternoon, two robbers in Council Bluffs weren't after cash and cigarettes -- but guns. On Tuesday, the owner of the pawn shop decided to make some changes.

"This was brazen," said Detective Ron Branigan with the Council Bluffs Police Department.

Sometimes it takes something horrible to bring out the best in people.

"I've had about 25 customers of mine contact me to make sure I'm okay," said Dave Edenburn of Brown Loans. "To see the good side of people -- it really made me feel good that the customers do care."

He was behind the counter Monday around noon at Council Bluffs pawn shop when a guy in the teal coat came into the store. He left after saying he forgot what he was looking for.

He came back a few minutes later -- pointing a silver handgun at him.

He took out his rage on another employee just out of view of the security camera. "He kicked her twice in the ribs -- and once in the hip -- and then he hit her twice with the gun in the side of her head. There was no reason for it."

Even then, once the guy along with his buddy leave the store with ten guns -- he's barely out the door, and the beaten worker still summons the strength to run after them -- looking for anything that might help police identify them.

A day later -- the owners have new rules for customers. "If they have them in their pockets like they're concealing something, they'll be asked to show me their hands. And if they have anything over their head...and we can't get a picture...they'll remove hats, hoodies, stocking caps."

The handguns will also be locked up out of the public view from now on. If you want to see what's available, the employees will show you a picture of the gun.

"The loss is insignificant compared to the having ten guns on the street. Who is going to end up with them...what they're going to do with them."

Detectives are looking for two men but one of them kept completely out of view of the security camera.

Posted November 19, 2012

On Monday, a guy in a flamboyant hooded sweatshirt headed straight to the back of the Brown Loans pawn shop on West Broadway in Council Bluffs with a silver gun.

Robber shouts: "Get your hands up!"

Soon -- an accomplice enters the front of the store but is never seen in the surveillance video.

"It's a robbery and robberies can become extremely violent in a matter of seconds," said Council Bluffs Police Detective Ron Branigan.

He forced an employee to the ground and struck her a few times.

The owner had a weapon with his conceal carry permit, but didn't have a chance to use it. The robber took it.

The robber went straight for the case -- the one with nine handguns -- and broke the glass.

"They didn't ask for any money," said Branigan. "They went directly for the guns -- took the guns and got out of there. I've very worried about that. One gun is too many. We need to find these guns and get them back."

The two were in and out of the place in a minute.

The gunman in the pawn shop robbery is white -- six feet tall -- and had a teal hooded sweatshirt with a yellow stocking cap. He also had a dark colored backpack with what looks like the Jamaican flag colors.

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