Ambulance Shooting, Questions Still Unanswered

For the first time, both firefighter paramedics involved in an ambulance shooting spoke about their well being.

But one key question about what happened, isn't any closer to getting an answer.

Inside the ambulance on the day of the incident was Brock Borhart. The driver of the ambulance was Julianne Moran. In a press conference on July 3rd, both said they were thankful to be alive.

"By the grace of God, we are here today because we avoided a tragedy that could have happened on Monday," said Asst. Chief Dan Stolinski, Omaha Fire Department.

It's a tragedy that was avoided luckily by Moran and Borhart's fast actions. But the question that still remains unanswered is why wasn't the whole situation avoided?

It all began when police responded to reports of a stolen car. They found the suspect Justine Dubois at a Dollar General.

In an official timeline, police said they "arrested her placing her in handcuffs." It goes on to say, "she was searched by an Omaha police officer" before appearing to go into convulsions.

When she was put in an ambulance, she pulled out a gun.

What we want to know is where did Dubois' gun come from? Did she have it after she was cuffed or did she obtain it after they were removed?

Either way-- how was the gun missed?

We wanted to ask that question during the press conference, but couldn't get an answer.

"We are not going to talk about the incident that occurred," said Asst. Chief Stolinski.

Police aren't yet answering these questions either, just saying, "in addition to the criminal investigation an administrative review of the incident will also take place."

"Once the active investigation is over, and they allow us to talk about the incident we will bring you folks back in and maybe talk a little more about the incidents with both the firefighters," said Asst. Chief Stolinski.

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