Suspected Killer Out Of Prison

Longtime Nebraskans might remember the story of Little Boy Blue. The entire community of Chester grieved when the child's body, clad in blue pajamas, was found along the road. The person who many think killed the boy is now a free man.

Danny Stutzman's body turned up on a windswept county road, Christmas Eve of 1985.

Bev George of Chester has never forgotten that day.

"We took him as one of our own," she says.

The community gave little boy a funeral but it would be another two years before he was finally identified as Danny, the son of Eli Stutzman who was serving time in Texas for murdering a man.

Eli Stutzman had left an Amish community in Ohio where his wife, Little Boy Blue's mother, had died in a suspicious barn fire.

Eli was charged with abandoning his son's body in Chester but a former state patrol investigator who worked on the case believes Eli Stutzman is a multiple killer.

Jack Wyant, now with Wyant Investigations says, "You had his wife suspiciously dead. Danny of course; the killing down in Texas of his roommate."

Eighteen years after Little Boy Blue's lifeless body appeared along that Chester roadway, the people still remember; still leave toys at his gravesite.

That's why they're upset to learn from Channel 6 News that Texas officials have released Eli Stutzman from prison, granting him parole.

Leann Mumm of Chester says, "I think he should have gone to the death chair."

Bev George says, "I did not know until today that he was paroled. It's an interesting fact. I think a lot of people will be concerned about that."

"I think it's terrible," says JoAnn Eggers. "I just can't imagine why they'd let him loose after doing something like this."

Chester residents watch their own little ones growing up and still care deeply for the little boy who never had that chance.

According to the Texas Corrections Department, Eli Stutzman was paroled to the Fort Worth area last year but this is the first time people in Chester are hearing the news.

Since his address is not public record, we were not able to contact him for comment.

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