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Monday, May 29th

Remembering The Troops

You can videotape a message of support to our troops in Iraq. Tape your message at Westlawn-Hillcrest Funeral Home located at 5701 Center Street in Omaha. Business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the taping is free.

Tuskegee Airmen

Visit the Alfonza W. Davis Chapter's Web site

West Nile Surveillance

Nebraska officials are launching this year's West Nile surveillance effort and the public is being asked to pitch in. Click here for details.

Progressive Dinners

Make the world a better place while you have a bite to eat. Click here.

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Visit the Web site.


  • Tyco Smoke Detectors
  • Click here details of a Tyco Fire Detection System software upgrade.

    Eye Tests For The Kids

    Click here for details.

    Nebraska Law Enforcement Memorial

    Visit the Web site.

    Getting Steamed

    A California animator-turned-inventor has cooked up some exotic steam-powered robots. Click here to visit the Crabfu SteamWorks and look them over.

    MECA Golf Tournament

    The June 10th tournament at Miracle Hills is to raise money for area high schools.
    Click here for details.

    Child Saving Institute

    The Child Saving Institute is a not-for-profit child welfare organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Click here to visit the Web site.

    Operation Military Kids

    Click here

    Household Hazardous Waste Collection

    Six Household Hazardous Waste Collections are scheduled in 2006 for residents of Lancaster County. Here is the schedule:

    Household Hazardous Waste Collections

    Sat., 4/22

    State Fair Park, 4-H Youth Complex

    9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

    Sat., 5/20

    Pfizer Inc, 601 W. Cornhusker Hwy

    9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

    Fri., 6/9

    Malcolm Fire Station, Malcolm

    3 p.m. - 7 p.m.

    Sat. 6/10

    NE. Wesleyan University, 56th & Huntington

    9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

    Sat., 9/9

    Goodyear Tire & Rubber, 4021 N. 56th St.

    9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

    Sat., 10/14

    State Fair Park, 4-H Youth Complex

    9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

    Airline Ratings

    For information regarding airline quality ratings, click here.

    College Q&A

    Parents of college students can have plenty of questions and the University of Nebraska-Omaha is reaching out with some answers in the form of a page on its Web site. Click here to visit the page.

    Daycare Checks

    To learn whether your daycare provider in Nebraska is licensed or has any violations on record, call 1-800-600-1289.

    For The Kids Of Those Deployed

  • Operation Military Kids
  • Nebraska Operation Military Kids

    Charting The Charities

    See where the donation dollars go:


    Internet Crimes

    To learn more about how to protect children from online predators, go to Net Smartz or Safe Kids.

    Maximize Your Grocery Dollar

    Visit the

    Improve Energy Efficiency

    Click here for ways to improve energy efficiency and save yourself some money.

    STD Testing

    All clinics provide confidential testing:

  • Douglas County STD Clinic

    5050 Ames Av

    (in Baker's Place - UMA Medical Building)


    Walk-ins welcome

  • Douglas County Health Center

    4102 Woolworth Ave


    444-6151 (after hours)

    by appointment only

  • *Both Douglas County clinic's provide free services if a patient doesn't have funds available. Otherwise the charge to be seen is $15.

    Area "Planned Parenthood" Clinics:

  • Visit the Web site

    “O” Street Center

    2246 “O” St.

    Lincoln, NE 68510

    (402) 441-3300

    Dodge Center

    4610 Dodge St.

    Omaha, NE 68132

    (402) 554-1045

    South Street Center

    3705 South St.

    Lincoln, NE 68506(402) 441-3333

    Southwest Center

    5310 S. 139th Plaza

    Omaha, NE 68137

    (402) 894-9006

    Council Bluffs Center

    1604 Second Ave.

    Council Bluffs, IA 51501

    (712) 322-6650

    Northwest McGoogan Center

    3341 N. 107th St.

    Omaha, NE 68134

    (402) 496-0088

    Drug Testing Kits

    Visit Not My


    Visit the Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy Web site.

    Give Blood

    You can call to set up a donation at 1-800-GIVE-LIFE or by logging onto the Red Cross Web site.

    Shop For Your Gasoline

    Fuming over gasoline prices? Shop for the best deals in the metro:

  • Gas Buddy
  • Price Watch

    Donate Life Awareness Month

  • Give The Gift Of Live
  • Donate Life

    Kids & The Internet

    Do you have safety concerns? Click here.

    On-line Discounts

    Looking for bargains? Check out online discount coupons.

    Nebraska Organ Donation

    If you renewed your license since 2001 and told the DMV that you want to be an organ donor, you are on the registry. If you want to get on it, you can do it right now by visiting the Nebraska Organ Recovery System Web site. You can also do this in person. The DMV can add you to the list. Or you can call the Organ Recovery System at 733-4000.

    Fuel Cost Calculator

    Planning on logging some highway miles? Cranky about the price of gasoline? Get a handle on your travel costs with the Triple A Fuel Cost Calculator.

    Consumer Safeguards

    Guard against consumer scams. Visit the Nebraska attorney general's Web site.

    Restaurant Ratings

    Dining out? Check the Douglas County Health Department's on-line Restaurant Ratings.

  • Sunday, May 28th

    Drug Under Fire

    A cheap, legal drug called salvia divinorum is coming under fire. Get details from the Drug Enforcement Administration's Web site.

    Renaissance Faire

  • On The Web

    Dates: May 27-28-29, 2006

    Times: 11am-6pm

    Cost: $10 adults, $5 kids (8-14), tots free. Three-day ($18) and two-day ($15) passes available.

    Location: Scary Acres. The location is 17272 Giles Road, just down the hill from the intersection of 168th & Giles. (Get off I-80 at Hwy #50/144th street).
    Map: Click here.

    Lodging: SUPER 8 at West Dodge is offering our participants a $40 per room Special Rate (11610 W. Dodge Rd. Omaha, NE. 68154 Tel. #402-492-8845 c/o Becca or Nona)

    Missing Kid Services Inc.

    Visit the Web site.

    Bicycle Safety

    In January 2005, a joint partnership was formed to provide education and programs about safety (and injury prevention) for children, parents and the community. The Partners for Child Safety Program is sponsored by Children’s Hospital, The National Safety Council, Greater Omaha Chapter and Kohl’s Cares for Kids. This year, in support of the child safety partnership between Kohl’s, Children’s Hospital and the National Safety Council – Greater Omaha Chapter, Kohl’s contributed nearly $112,000 through the sale of storybooks and plush sets at all Kohl’s locations.

    Helmet tips for parents:

  • Bike helmets can reduce the risk of head injury by 85 percent if worn correctly.
  • A proper fitting bicycle is critical to safe bicycling and especially important when a child is learning to ride.
  • Parents should teach their children traffic safety and the laws that apply to riding in or near traffic.
  • Let your child help choose the helmet.
  • Explain that a helmet is just part of the gear, as it is with football, race car driving or hockey.
  • Praise your child for wearing his or her helmet.
  • Talk to other parents, so that all the neighborhood families encourage the same safety rules.
  • For more information about bicycle helmets and fittings, bicycle safety checks and/or car seat safety and checks, contact the National Safety Council – Greater Omaha Chapter, 896-0454, or Education Coordinator, Nan Fallon, at Children’s Hospital, 955-3838.
  • Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute Web site.

    Donations Accepted

    Donations are being accepted to help the children of Eric Bandur and his ex-wife Laura who were both killed May 4th. Donations can be dropped off or mailed to:

  • St. Margaret Mary Church, 6116 Dodge St., Omaha, NE 68132

    Project Jason

    For more information on Project Jason, click here.

    MECA Golf Tournament

    The June 10th tournament at Miracle Hills is to raise money for area high schools.
    Click here for details.

    Nothing But Net Foundation

    Call: 573-5770

    Mary Madeline Project

    For more information on the Mary Madeline Project, which makes suits for infant girls and boys, call 402-551-7574.

    Reruns R Fun

    For more information on ReRuns R Fun, click here, or call 402-680-1199.

    FEMA's Flood Map

    To see if your home is on FEMA's revised flood map, click here.

    Guantanamo Prison Tour

    To take a virtual tour of the Guantanamo Detention Center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, click here.

    Restaurant Reports

    You can find complaints about restaurants and see which ones are safe with the click of a mouse, click here.

    Restored Hope

    Restored Hope operates completely on donations and volunteers. To learn more about Restored Hope, click here.

    Cyber Knife

    For more information on Cyber Knife, the high-tech cancer treatment, click here.

    Home For A Hero

    Anyone interested in learning how they can contribute to the Home For A Hero project should contact Trinity Church of Omaha by clicking here.

    Grieving Kids

    For information on the center for grieving kids, call: 402-502-2773.

    Domestic Violence Awareness

    October is domestic violence awareness month. To contact the Heartland Family Service Domestic Abuse Program, call the 24-hour line: 1-800-523-3666.

    Ovarian Cancer

    Call SHARE, the ovarian cancer support group: 866-891-2392.

    Community Crops

    Get more information on Community Crops.

  • Saturday, May 27th

    Renaissance Faire

  • On The Web

    Dates: May 27-28-29, 2006

    Times: 11am-6pm

    Cost: $10 adults, $5 kids (8-14), tots free. Three-day ($18) and two-day ($15) passes available.

    Location: Scary Acres. The location is 17272 Giles Road, just down the hill from the intersection of 168th & Giles. (Get off I-80 at Hwy #50/144th street).

    Map: Click here.

    Lodging: SUPER 8 at West Dodge is offering our participants a $40 per room Special Rate (11610 W. Dodge Rd. Omaha, NE. 68154 Tel. #402-492-8845 c/o Becca or Nona)

    Strategic Air & Space Museum

    For more information on Strategic Air & Space Museum, click here.

    Clinical Trials

    National Institutes of Health Web site.

    Heart Attack Signs & Symptoms

    Visit the American Heart Association's Web site.

    MECA Golf Tournament

    The June 10th tournament at Miracle Hills is to raise money for area high schools.
    Click here for details.

    Corvette Club

    The Midwest Early Corvette Club is displaying some of the fastest cars around. The cars will be on display at the Mall of the Bluffs during regular business hours. For more information, click here.


    Book an appointment online to prepare a week's worth of meals with your whole family at a Supperthyme meal preparation location, then put the meals in your freezer at home. Click here for more information on the Papillion-based business.

    Shaken Baby Task Force

    For more information on Council Bluff's Shaken Baby Task Force, click here, or call (712) 396-4200.

    Neighborhood Clean-Up

    For more information on Neighborhood Clean-Up, call 402-444-4636.

    Easter Egg Hunt

    For more information on the Gleaners Easter Egg Hunt, call 402-573-5836.

    Iowa West Foundation

    For more information on the Iowa West Foundation, Click Here

    Healthy Pets

    Keep your pet in top shape. Visit

    Lydia House

    For information on volunteering at Lydia house, call 402-422-1111.

    Make A Blanket Day

    For information on helping with blankets donated by Project Linus, email

    Recipes To Make Your Heart Happy

  • American Heart Association Recipes
  • USDA Recipes
  • Keep The Beat

    Humane Society

    For more information on the Nebraska Humane Society, click here.


    Fore more information on consumer recalls, click here.

    Iowa Gold Star Museum

    Fore more information on the Iowa Gold Star Museum, click here to visit the website.

    In The Arms of Friends

    If you would like to donate to help kids with cancer, click here to visit the website.

    Lead Exposure

    Learn tips on avoiding lead exposure inside and outside the home.

    Allergy Test

    Visit or call 1-877-862-4948 for info on the ImmunoCAP allergy test.

    Self-Defense Classes

    Sign up for self-defense classes at the YWCA.

    Smoke Detector Giveaway

    Get a free smoke detector from the Salvation Army.

    NSP Sex Offender Registry

    Forms available through the Nebraska State Patrol Web site.

    Desktop Alert

  • Download Desktop Alert.

  • Get answers to frequently asked questions when setting up your Desktop Alert program.

  • Friday, May 26th

    Travel Information

    Visit the Nebraska Department of Roads Web site for travel information.

    Anti-Smoking Documentary

    "Through My Children's Eyes" is available from the Susan L. DeWitt Foundation for Extended Breath. The contact is:

  • Susan DeWitt

    Susan L. DeWitt Foundation for Extended Breath

    P.O. Box 270201

    Louisville, CO 80027

    MECA Golf Tournament

    The June 10th tournament at Miracle Hills is to raise money for area high schools.
    Click here for details.

    Sitting Study

    For more information on a medical breakthrough that may help children with cerebral palsy and other motor delays, Click here or call 559-6415.

    Getting Gassed

  • If you believe you have evidence of price gouging at the gasoline pump, report it to the Department of Energy. Click here.
  • Check fuel prices around Nebraska. Click here.

    Combat Sexual Abuse

  • YWCA Web site
  • Sexual Assault Hot Line: 345-7273

    Personal Chefs Network

    Visit the Web site.

    Keep Kids Alive

    Visit the Web site.

    Halt The Credit Card Offers

    Here is the number you can call to opt out of continuous credit card offers: 1-888-567-8688.

    Stop The Junk Mail

    To be removed from "junk" mail lists, including catalogs, click here. And call this number to keep your personal information private: 877-774-2094.

    Nebraska Humane Society

    Adopt a pet from the Nebraska Humane Society.

    Outsmarting Computer Viruses

    Get some help from Consumer Reports.

    Travel Bargains

    If you're shopping for travel bargains, you'll want to check out of trio of new players in the Internet travel game.


    An insurance company is using technology to help lower rates. Find out more about the Tripsensor

    Security Alerts

    Keep up with the latest on potential threats of terrorism:

  • Department of Homeland Security

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency

  • Thursday, May 25th

    Metro Pool News

  • Bellevue Pools: Open Tuesday
  • Council Bluffs: click here
  • Elkhorn Pool: Opens Saturday
  • La Vista: Pool Opens Saturday. Click here
  • Nebraska Game & Parks: Click here
  • Omaha Pools: Click here
  • Papio Bay: Click here


  • Lighted Mirror
  • Amazing Pizza Machine Football Glitter Lamps

    4 The Kids

    Visit the Web site.

    Swing Seat Recall

    Rainbow Play Systems Inc. is recalling faulty swing seats. Click here for details.

    Flirting In Traffic

    Visit the Web site.

    Nebraska Fragile X Families Association

    Click here to visit the Web site.

    MECA Golf Tournament

    The June 10th tournament at Miracle Hills is to raise money for area high schools.
    Click here for details.

    Healthy Recipes

    Find some healthy options for your menu courtesty of the Junior League of Omaha. Click here.


  • Children's Jewelry
  • Exercise Benches

    Brand Your Assets

    Visit the Data Dots Web site.

    Personal Chefs

    Click here to locate a chef near you.

    Solicitation Warning

    If you have been solicited at your door by someone saying they represent Boys and Girls Clubs of Omaha, it was not on the level. They don't do door-to-door sales. If you have been solicited, call police at 444-4220.


    Emergency Escape Smoke Hoods recalled. Click here for details.

    Disney DVD Players Recalled

    Click here

    Battling Allergies?

    Click here for help.

    Liquid Numbers

    If you're counting calories, don't forget to tally the fluids. Click here for help.


    High lead levels have prompted two recalls involving children's jewelry. Click here for details.

    Cease and Desist Order

    Cease and Desist orders have been issued against the following insurance companies: Drivers Choice, LLC; Partnership Alliances, Inc.; Partnership Alliances Group; Financial One, LLC; American Public Insurance Company, and Consumer Health Solutions.
    Nebraska officials say the companies sold health insurance to self-employed Nebraskans, many of them over-the-road truck drivers, between July 2004 and this February.
    If you purchased health insurance from one of these companies the Department of Insurance would like to hear from you. Call, toll free: (877) 564-7323


    Walgreens Iron Supplement. Click here for details.

    Nebraska Banking Department

    If you have done business with American Lenders Mortgage or Victory Mortgage, the Department of Banking and Finance would like to hear from you. Call 877-471-3445.

    Crane Cam

    Watch the migration. Click here.

    Flu Pandemic

    Review Nebraska's plans. Click here.

    Pancreatic Center

    For more information about the Elkins Pancreas Center at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, call toll free at 1-877-PANC-CTR or click here.

    Hope Against Miscarriages

    According to the march of dimes, one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage. It's a devastating blow for couples, but now there's hope. For more information, click here.

    Organ Donation Information


    Scam Finder

    Check out some of the more common contest and sweepstakes scams. Visit

    Internet Crime Complaint Center

    If you have a complaint about Internet crime, click here.

    Literacy Center for the Midlands

    Visit the Web site.

    Sex Offender Registries

  • National Registry
  • Nebraska State Patrol
  • Iowa State Patrol

    Fuel Aid

  • Click here to report suspected price gouging.

    Guard Against Identity Fraud

    Find out how secure your identity is. Click here.

    Understand Your Child's Code

    Here are some websites to help you decipher the shorthand used in Instant Messaging:

  • NetLingo
  • Teen Angels
  • Web Friend

    Additional Web Safety Resources
  • Wired Safety

    Monitoring Software

    Parents can purchase these safeguards but kids can write around it.

    Chat Rooms

    Often offered as part of an Instant Messaging package. Nebraska State Patrol Sergeant Scott Christensen says there is no reason for children to be in a chat rooms.

    Douglas County Property Valuations

    Check The Numbers

    Older Driver Resources

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Triple A

    Travel Smart

    If you're traveling by air, be sure to run through the checklist of what you're allowed to carry on board the plane. Visit the Transportation Security Administration's Web site.

    Free Credit Report

    Visit to get a free credit report.

    Track Your Teen

    Technology is making it possible for parents to keep a closer eye on what the kids are doing when they're behind the wheel. The technology is also available for commercial fleets. The RS-1000 on-board computer sells for $280 and installs easily in cars built in 1996 or later. Installation on older models requires a mechanic. For more information, visit the Road Safety Web site. The company's toll free phone number is: 1-800-252-2594.

    Work At Home Scams

    Protect yourself with some help from the Postal Inspection Service. Visit the Web site.

    Moving Troubles?

    Visit the Move Rescue Web site.

    Cut Your Grocery Bill

    Get some money-saving, grocery shopping tips from the Ellie Kay & Company Web site.

    Download Discount Coupons


    Dodge Updates

    Keep up with construction developments on West Dodge Road.

  • Wednesday, May 24th

    Passion Seekers

    Has the spark in your relationship faltered? Click here.

    Stolen Identity Theft

  • Federal Trade Commission

    Pool Safety

  • Inflatable Pool Ladders Recalled

    Spring Parade of Homes

    Visit the Web site.


    Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle Child Carriers are being recalled. Click here for details.

    Marrow Donations

    The local, "Thanks Mom! National Marrow Donor Drive," will be held at the Nebraska Medical Center, University Tower on May 12th from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. For additional information on marrow donation visit the National Marrow Donor Program Web site.

    Positive Skate Night

    Visit the Hope Skate Web site.

    MECA Golf Tournament

    The June 10th tournament at Miracle Hills is to raise money for area high schools.
    Click here for details.

    Bird Flu Pandemic

    Click here for information about preparations.


  • First Alert Smoke Alarms

    Energy -Saving Tips

    Keep your fuel costs down. For tips on improving efficiency, visit the Alliance to Save Energy Web site.


    Two companies are recalling backpack blowers because of potential fire threats. Click here for details.

    Art Auction

    For a list of auctions, including the auction in Mike McKnight's April 19th story, click here.

    Auto Financing 101

    While plenty of people are doing loads of research on buying new cars, little of that research address how those vehicles are being paid for. Click here to do your homework.

    Desk Set Recalled

    Office Depot is recalling approximately 6,000 desk sets because of the threat of a collapsing chair.

    Better Doctors

    If you are looking for a new doctor and want a list of the top docs across the country, click here.

    Microsoft Downloads

    For more information on Microsoft downloads, click here.

    Cell Phone Drivers

    For results of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's study on drivers who talk on their cell phones while on the road,click here.

    Dining In Iowa

    There's a new tool to help you refine your dining plans in Iowa. The state has a Web site that allows you to access restaurant inspection reports. Click here.

    March of Dimes, Nebraska Chapter

  • Visit the Web site.

    Household Waste

  • If you live in Sarpy or Douglas County, there's no charge to make a trip to Under The Sink where you can unload hazardous household goods.
    The new facility is located at 4001 S. 120th Street. You can visit the Web site for more details or call 444-7465 for a list of products acceptable for drop-off. Drop-off is by appointment only.
  • Click here for information on the Council Bluffs Recycling Center Household Hazardous Waste.

    Literacy Center for the Midlands

    Call: 402-342-READ (7323) or visit the Web site.

    Reach Out & Read

  • Web site

    Web Safety

    Ways To Keep Kids Safe on the Internet:

  • Wired Safety
  • iSafe

    Tips for Parents

    Predators use
  • Chat rooms
  • e-mail
  • profiles
  • Instant Messaging


    1. Spend time with your children online

    2. Keep the computer in an open area

    3. Talk with your child about who they meet in chat rooms

    4. Review your computer files often

    5. Respect your child's privacy regarding e-mail, but ask for a list of all the aliases (user names) of his/her friends

    Gasoline Information Resources

  • Nebraskans can find out more about how gas prices are calculated on the Attorney General’s Web site. Look for the Gasoline Education link under Quick Links.
  • Anyone with concerns about gasoline stations manipulating prices can call the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at 402-471-2682 or 800-727-6432.
  • The Nebraska Energy Office will continue to monitor prices and supplies of fuel products and has information online. Consumers can also monitor state and national fuel price averages online.
  • More information is available on the U.S. Department of Energy Web site.

    Organ Donations

    Visit the Nebraska Organ Recovery System Web site.

    Teen Pregnancy Resources

    United Way of the Midlands/Community Resource Directory

    Click here for Omaha area services dealing with pregnancy, from parenting classes to pregnancy options.

    Call 2-1-1

    Serves Nebraska & Iowa

    Staffed 24 hours a day

    Access United Way's community resource directory by phone

    Child Saving Institute

    Click here for information on pregnancy services

    Omaha Healthy Start

    Charles Drew Health Center

    2915 Grant Street

    Omaha, NE 68111

    454-BABY (2229)

    Metro Poison Control Center Hot Line

  • 955-5555

    National Poison Control Hot Line
  • 1-800-222-1222.

    Going Somewhere?

    Call up Triple-A's Fuel Cost Calculator. It will help you wrestle with those soaring gasoline prices. Click here.

    Bone Health Resources

  • National Dairy Council
  • 3-A-Day for Stronger Bones
  • CDC's National Bone Health Campaign
  • National Osteoporosis Foundation
  • Surgeon General's Report on Bone Health
  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005
  • NIH - Osteoporosis and Other Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center

    Automotive Calculators

    Looking for a new vehicle? Use Consumer Reports' Automotive Calculators to find your best deal

  • Tuesday, May 23rd

    West Dodge Construction

  • Click here to keep up with the latest developments on the West Dodge project.

    Preventing Sports Injuries

    Click here to download the handbook.

    Veterans' Information Compromised

    The Department of Veterans Affairs says an analyst took a laptop computer home against policy. That contained information on veterans including from names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth. Veterans can contact the government by calling 1-800-FED-INFO or visiting the Web site.

    Burglaries & Break-Ins

    For a list of the latest burglaries and break-ins as of May 23rd, click here.

    Brain Aneurysm Information

  • For information about the HydroCoil(r), click here.

    For information on brain aneurysms:
  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons Web site
  • The American Stroke Association Web site
  • The Brain Aneurysm Foundation Web site
  • National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Web site

    Name The Blimp

    Goodyear is searching for a name. You can offer your suggestion by clicking here.

    MECA Golf Tournament

    The June 10th tournament at Miracle Hills is to raise money for area high schools.
    Click here for details.

    Identity Theft

    Learn about the threats and how to guard against them. Click here.

    Medication Warning

    The Food and Drug Administration is warning against giving antihistamine with the ingredient promethazine hydochrloride to children younger than two. Click here for details.

    Recreational Sports In College

    Visit the National Intramural Recreational Sports Association Web site.

    Conservation International

    Conservation International features dozens of pictures of previously-undiscovered animals and plants from the jungles of New Guinea. Click here.

    Cancer Trials

    Methodist Cancer Center Web site. Contact by phone at (402) 354-5144.

    Exercise Research

    For more information on how exercising can help your brain, Click here.

    Anchors of Hope

    Visit the Web site.

    Glass Recycling

    Here is a list of glass recycling drop-off sites in Omaha:


    The Central Area Recycling Exchange (CARE) 1011 N. 45th Street: Open Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


    Scrap Central (8518 Blondo Street): Open Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. And Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This site accepts recyclables for free and buys aluminum cans, brass and copper. Appliances are also accepted for free.

    South Central

    River City Recycling (6404 S. 60th Street): Open Monday-Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. This site accepts recyclables for free and is a dump location for bulky items. There is a fee for all materials except recyclables.


    Firstar Fiber, Inc. (10330 I Street, southeast parking lot): Open Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    Other sites that accept glass

    HyVee at 96th and Q Streets. Southeast parking lot.

    Weyerhaeuser at 7200 N. 16th Street, south end of parking lot.

    Bird Flu

    To learn more about Bird Flu and what you need to know to protect yourself and your family, click here.

    Alzheimer's Association

    To help a friend or family member battling Alzheimer's, call the Alzheimer's Association at 572-3010.

    Respect 2 All

    For more information on respect in schools Click here.

    Donate Used Cell Phones

    (batteries and chargers also accepted)


    222 S. 29th Street

    (29th & Farnam)


    Domestic Violence Coordinating Council

    8990 W. Dodge Road

    Ste 205


    Catholic Charities

    330 N. 60th Street



    Verizon Wireless recycling program

    Funds raised from sale of refurbished phones go to purchase of Verizon Wireless phones and airtime, which are donated to domestic violence victims

    To Donate:

  • Drop off your used phone/battery/charger at any Verizon Wireless store.

    Buying A Safe?

    Get some tips on what to look for. Click here.

    Citizen Corps Council Programs in Omaha

  • Neighborhood Watch Groups/444-5772
  • Citizens in Omaha Police Service/444-3598
  • Omaha Coalition of Citizen Patrols/345-6388
  • Medical Reserve Corps/522-7970
  • Community Emergency Response Teams/690-2384

    Gasoline Shopping

    It used to be that you just filled your gas tank. Now you have to shop around. Check local prices at

    Flex Fuels

    Look into the vehicles that can run on E-85. Click here.

    Free Credit Reports

    Visit the official free credit report website at

    Make A Memory

  • For information about the Make A Memory program, contact Diane Karstens at Alegent Health. The phone number is: 758- 5120 and her email is
  • For information on corticobasal ganglionic degeneration, or CBGD, click here.

    Tracking Sex Offenders

  • Nebraska Sex Offender Registry
  • Iowa Sex Offender Registry

    Law Enforcement Solicitations

    The president of the Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police can answer questions about money solicited by telemarketers. He can be reached at 1-877-632-1367. You can also contact the FOP through its Web site.

    Do Not Call Registry

    Click Here

    Child Safety Seat Tests

    Consumer Reports has been putting the seats to the test. Separate the best from the rest.

    Child Safety Seat Check-Ups

    Make sure your child's safety seat is set up properly. Find locations for a check-up on the Nebraska State Patrol's Web site.

    Phone Solicitation Complaints

    The Nebraska Public Service Commission will investigate complaints on phone solicitations or calls from pushy bill collectors.

  • Phone solicitation complaints: Call 1-800-526-0017 or
  • File a complaint online at the PSC Web site.

    All complaints are taken seriously. Investigators look for patterns and will take action against phone solicitors that repeatedly use questionable tactics.

    On-line Auction Assists

  • SellSmart
  • Midwest Drop Auction

    Fire Safety Information

    Visit the Omaha Fire Department Web site.

    Stretch Your Fuel Dollar

    Get the most from your fuel dollar. Visit the Consumer Reports Web site.

    Citizen Corps Preparedness Guide

    Keep your family safe.

    Be Prepared For Emergencies





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