Woman Stalker Won't Stop Harassing Former Boyfriend

Stalking has become a serious crime in recent years and while women are more likely than men to be the victim of a stalker, it does happen to men.

Brian Higbee is afraid to answer his phone.

Former girlfriend Lisa L. Johnson has been sending him harassing messages for more than a year.

"Thousands...by fax, email, voice messages, phone calls," Higbee said.

After their relationship dissolved, Higbee got a protection order last March but nothing has changed. Higbee said Johnson has violated the protection order at least fifty times.

Court records indicate several incidents involving Johnson's conduct at Higbee's residence since last February. On February 11, Johnson was charged with Domestic Violence Destruction of Property to a residence and to a vehicle.

Between March 30 and April 16, 2010, she was charges with violation of a protection order. On April 30, violation of protection order, domestic violence destruction of property, domestic violence assault and violation of a protection order on August 8th.

On that night in late April, the harassment got physical when Johnson showed up at Higbee's house.

"(She) used a car jack to bust the door window out and then she crawled in through the window and assaulted me with the jack and the fight was on," Higbee said.

He tackled Johnson, holding her down until police arrived. Higbee said at first police thought he was assaulting Johnson and threatened to use a tazer on him.

Higbee suffered cuts and gashes to his head and foot during the struggle.

Johnson was charged with domestic violence assault in the incident but the charge was reduced later in court.

Several of the other incidents were dismissed or plea bargained down.

"The system is supposed to help me in things like these, but they failed me," Higbee said. "I've done the right moves. I've hired an attorney which has cost me. I shouldn't have to hire an attorney when the state's supposed to represent me. And they just make deals and throw charges out and they had more than 50 counts of violation of a protection order and they reduced it down to I think one."

Higbee said the prosecutor handling his case at the Douglas County Attorney's office has stopped returning his calls.

The harassment finally caught up with Johnson. She was convicted of misdemeanor and felony stalking, serving a total of seven months in prison for the two offenses. Even that didn't stop the harassment.

Johnson sent Higbee a letter while she was in prison --- a clear violation of the protection order.

"It still continues," Higbee said. "The harassment still continues...the threats. It's like the system has failed me. I think there's a double standard because I'm a guy." "I've been told that...that if you were a female this probably wouldn't be happening and they'd be in jail. Every time they cut deals with her and this time they sent her to Texas and it doesn't stop."

"He's done everything right and the system has worked as intended," Omaha City Prosecutor Marty Conboy said. "As time goes on and as violations persist the penalties become more serious and eventually maybe severe penitentiary time is the only way to protect someone and she's at the threshold now where that looks like the next step."

Brian Higbee is reaching a different threshold...in living an unending nightmare.

"I want her put away, he said. "I want some peace. Some peace."

Higbee said he was told if the harassment continued, the Douglas County Attorney's Office would extradite Johnson from Texas to face additional charges.

He said he intends to continue to report any and all incidents to Omaha Police.

Repeated calls by Channel Six News to the county prosecutor handling Higbee's case have not been returned.

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