Tree Hazard Stands Four Years Later

You see them around town. Trees marked with a red "x" that are considered dangerous and on a list to be cut down. But how long is it supposed to take?

The Spomer girls believe they're standing in the shadow of danger.
Christina Spomer says, "If there's a big storm I think it will fall sometime Sara Spomer says, " Some of the pieces already came off in a storm."

The silver maple across the street stands in the right of way right in front of Bryson Wiser's home. Bryson says, " I feel like if it’s dead, this whole thing could fall and land on my house."

Declared unsound and a hazard the tree will be cut down by the city which sent notice of removal four years ago. Not only did the city send this letter implying the danger of this tree in September 2010 the x marking its removal has almost faded.

But a safety concerns remain vivid in the eyes of neighbors.
Marie Spomer says, " We’re taking a risk no matter what with this tree because every time there's a storm we have sticks and parts of the tree that come down."

Fact Finders contacted the city forester who tells Bryson its matter of priorities. John Wynn Omaha city forester tells Wiser, " I can see your issue with the roots and it’s on our list. But we have so many other trees in the city that are in worse shape but we'll try to get to this one in the next couple of months."

The forester says the tree's canopy shows signs of life but that won't erase stability concerns that the city promises to remove four years later.

The city forester says there are about seventy five trees on the "A" list scheduled for removal. Not only is the one we showed you moving up but a tree next door may come down the same time.

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