Customers Give Life Changing Tip to Waitress

January 2nd is a day Abigail Sailors won't forget.

"For someone just to believe in you like that, it gives you that unreal feeling," said Sailors, 18.

She's a waitress at Cracker Barrel in Lincoln. She's still in shock over two customers that sat in her section and changed her life.

"The host told us you are the happiest server, so there must be something behind this, and I just kinda laughed at them. They said do you have perfect parents, do have a perfect life? And I said something like that, but you got it a little wrong," said Sailors.

Today Sailors does have all those things, but it wasn't always the case.

She said she felt nervous, but after the customers insisted she began to tell the strangers her story.

"When I was seven months old, my parents were in a car accident, my mom has a brain injury and she never really recovered from that," said Sailors.

Her father after the crash was deemed unfit. So she and her siblings began an extremely rough journey though foster care.

"Abuse: physical, mental, sexual abuse," she says recalling her first foster parents. She said that dad was arrested and the mother was abusive. Because of the combination, she and two of her siblings were removed from the home.

She was then sent to live with her biological father. He had been deemed safe, but that wasn't the case. Again after physical and sexual abuse, he was arrested and still remains in jail.

She finally was placed with a loving family by high school.

Fall of 2013 she was a freshman at Trinity College. But, she had to drop out because she was unable to pay tuition.

The tragic story brought tears to the men's eyes. Sailor's on the other hand was still smiling.

"I have faith that it will all work out, and it is all in God's plan," said Sailors.

When she came back to return her curious customers their check, something different happened.

The bill was paid with a $100 tip to be split with one other server. Then two more checks were written; one for $5,000 for college and then one for $1,000 just for her.

Then with a hug, the two men left.

"I tried to thank them and they just said thank God, not us, it's all him," said Sailors.

Now instead of working this semester, Sailors is saying her goodbyes and returning to Trinity College for the spring semester.

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