Threatening Call Claiming IRS Fraud A Scam

It's a call meant to frighten you. The caller claims to be with the I-R-S. He threatens to have you arrested for tax fraud.

A call showing Washington DC worried Judith. Not the numbers but three letters. Conman says, "calling from the IRS." Around filing time thousands of taxpayers get phony calls from scam artists claiming to be with the IRS. One says, "If you fail to return the call then be prepared to face the legal consequences."

Judith is a retired widow. A prime target for the IRS scam calls.
She says, "Well it frightened me that possibly I did owe money.. Maybe I had a problem with the IRS."

To instill fear a second scam call comes from a police impersonator. Fact Finders gets the con man on tape, " This call is from the Omaha police department and we have an arrest warrant against your name from the IRS department." Judith asks, " What your badge number please? Con man says, 16101."

But Judith called a real detective who listens the threats of the phony one. Omaha Police detective Rick Bilek says, " The badge number he gave, its good she asked that because that wasn't anywhere near where our badges numbers are now."

Det Bilek says the con men will demand payment through green dot cards for a phony IRS debt usually about two thousand dollars. Det. Bilek says,"A ten digit number there. They'll call you back and ask for that number. Once they have that number they have the money that's on the card."

Judith won't pay but plays along until fact finders takes over the phone call. Mike tells con man, "You're trying to scam this woman out of some money aren't you?" Hang up.

A hang up is the best way to avoid getting hung up in a phony IRS scam. The con-men use phone numbers for Washington DC that appear on your caller I-d. Don’t be fooled. These guys can clone phone numbers---- and chances are they're calling from a foreign country

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