The Auto Guy: Lot You Can Do To Stay Safe While Parking

By: The Auto Guy Email
By: The Auto Guy Email

Parking lots are a part of life when you drive and there are a few things you can do when you go into one to keep your vehicle in good shape.

Parking lots have rules just like city streets with stop signs, no parking areas and one-way lanes. Even though the lots are usually on private property, respect these signs and rules to avoid problems.

When you are done with your shopping cart, it needs to go into in the designated cart area. Leaving it loose out in the lot will lead to it eventually rolling into someone else’s vehicle and causing damage.

Finding a parking stall near the door can be tough, but in most cases you can simply drive out a little further into the lot and find a place all to yourself. It's a lot easier and don’t complain if you need to take a few extra steps (especially if you’re parking at a gym to go inside and walk on a treadmill).

Parking over two stalls might seem like a way to avoid getting your vehicle damaged, but other drivers really take exception to you doing that. If you have a nice vehicle, it’s better to park it out in the lot all by itself. Besides, then everyone can see you getting into your sweet car when it’s time to leave.

Windy days are the worst time to park in parking stalls. That’s because the wind can come and whip the door open, damaging your door and the vehicle next to you. Hold onto the doors when you open them up and have your kids wait for you to open their doors for them because sometimes they just aren’t strong enough to hold the door on their own.

If you get into a fender bender in a parking lot, police usually won’t respond since it’s on private property. But if the accident wasn’t your fault, see if there were any witnesses. While it doesn’t guarantee that the other person’s insurance company will pay your claim, it certainly helps to have a witness that confirms your side of the story.

Parking curbs are the enemy of lower cars because the bottom of the front bumper cover hits on the concrete curb. Don’t feel like you need to go in until the tires hit the curb. Try to stop well short of the curb and you can avoid tearing up the underside of your vehicle.

Texting is a no-no anytime you are driving, especially in a parking lot. Put the phone down because sooner or later you are going to cross paths with someone else who is texting and not paying attention and it might be a pedestrian.

Light poles located in the middle of the parking lot sometimes become the Bermuda Triangle for vehicles. People somehow become disoriented when they get near them and run right into them. Pay attention or you might be its next “victim."

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