Surviving The Heat

It may not be a tropical heat wave but the furnace is definitely on high across the country.

It's causing a lot of people to alter their schedules to avoid being over come by the extreme heat.

With yet another triple digit day more of us are making little tweaks in our daily routines.

The heat won't stop Jordan Halloran and Keith Wilwerding from skateboarding.

"Because we go swimming in his pool after we're done skating," Jordan said.

'Yeah, we'll be out skating for a few hours, take a dip drink some water and then go back at it," Keith said.

Sarah Simmons usually rides her bike to work but she's scaling that back due to the heat.

She's also guarding against the high temperatures and exposure to the sun.

"Drinking lots of water, putting on sunscreen, avoiding the heat of the day and staying in and doing more indoor activities," she said.

Those working outside this time of year are making a few schedule changes.

A crew from Prudent Technologies is repainting a house near 38th and Dodge.

"Last week were coming in from nine to six and cut back an hour we're coming in a hour earlier which is now from 8-5, so that helps a little," Mike Dowsing said.

Working in the shade and taking more breaks helps, but those working near rooftops should beware of reflective heat and get plenty of fluids.

"Once you get on top of a house the heat reflecting off those shingles, you feel it. You notice it," Dowsing said.

"Make sure you have light clothes light colored clothes on that will help reflect the sun, being in dark clothes makes it a lot worse..." Barry Spooner of the Omaha Fire Department.

And if we do overheat, rescue personnel can replenish fluids with a 1,000cc IV.

But we don't have to let it get to that point, if we're cautious.

"Don't wait until you are hot and thirsty," Spooner said. "Drink fluids continually throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated because in these heat temperatures you are going to sweat a lot."

So for those who work and play in these oven-like temperatures, take care.

Because the real heat of summer is still ahead.

A few other suggestions include avoid wearing layered clothing this time of year.

That actually traps heat inside more.

And for those without air conditioning in the car, avoid rush hour traffic as much as possible.

Sitting in stopped traffic heats the inside of the car even with the windows down.

Waiting a bit longer in an air conditioned area before making the trip home will help.

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