Omaha Man Faces Six Felonies for Domestic Violence

Douglas County Sheriffs Deputies were called to a home near 152nd and Spencer early Sunday morning.

At one point, an armed French said "someone is going to die."

According to the incident report, French assaulted a 23-year-old man who was sleeping at the house.

French chased the man out, then pushed the 25-year-old woman "violently to the ground" and pulled a hand gun out of a nightstand.

The woman locked herself in a bathroom and called 9-1-1 on a cell phone.

French then started breaking down doors and firing the weapon. At least one of the shots was fired into the bathroom where the woman was hiding.

He then busted down the bathroom door and began choking the woman to the point where "she was unable to breathe." French then said "someone is going to die" even pointing the gun at his head at one point.

The 9-1-1 operator was talking with French and he put the gun on the ground. The woman then grabbed the gun, ran to a back deck and threw the gun in the backyard.

French left the house and began vandalizing the other man's 2005 Dodge Ram pickup.

He was then arrested by deputies. Investigators say French and the woman had just ended an intimate relationship.

French is facing felony charges of domestic violence, use of a weapon to commit a felony, discharging a firearm inside a structure, terroristic threats, attempted first degree assault and destruction of property along with two misdemeanor charges.

Dr. Ann Potter of the YWCA says there has been an increase in the use of weapons in domestic violence incidents.

"Yeah, it's very extreme. It's the if I can't have you nobody can have you mentality." she said. "When a woman is leaving or she's just left is the most dangerous for being murdered and that is because that person, the perpetrator does feel that they have lost control."

Terri Dubas said hearing about the incident "turns her stomach." She was in an abusive relationship for 17 years.

"Everyday the thought of physical violence crossed my mind," she said of her experiences.

Dubas had become dependent on her ex-partner financially, socially and emotionally.

"And I was stuck."

Finally, she realized she had to get out.

"My ex- decided to pull me off the couch by my foot...grabbed me by my waist and put me face down on the floor," she said. "I don't remember why...all I know is we were arguing about something and it raised a big flag in my head that I can't live like this anymore."

Terri started stashing away money and finally broke out on her own.

"I was mortified but yet in the back of my mind I had to take that first step."

Terri said victims of domestic violence need to put themselves first.

"Love is love and yes it hurts," she said. "But it shouldn't hurt where somebody puts their hands on you and does physical violence to you."

Terri's life has made a 180 degree turn since she broke out of her abusive relationship.

She is now married and going to school.

She wants to work for homeland security in the bomb disposal unit.

If you or someone you know is in a domestic violence situation there's a way for you to get help right now.

Call the YWCA help line at 402-345-7273.

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