Omaha Mother & Baby Survive Rare Pregnancy

An Omaha woman's pregnancy could have gone very wrong.
She had a pregnancy complication-so rare-there are no guidelines on how to treat it.

"Absolutely a miracle..."

Meet Jude Styles. He is a sweet baby boy whose journey here wasn't the easiest.

"I actually went in for a routine ultrasound. I didn't know anything was wrong." said Eryn Style, Jude's mom.

Baby Jude is Eryn's fourth baby. She had C-sections with two of her kids with some complications. Still...

"Most moms that had had one, two or three c-sections, we wouldn't see anything like this." said Dr. Todd Lovgren, a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist.

Eryn had a hole in her uterus.

"We knew that what was a small defect to start with was going to become very, very large as she got further into pregnancy and put that baby at fairly significant risk." said Dr. Lovgren.

Dr. Lovgren showed us the uterine window on Eryn's ultrasound. It ended up growing to the size of his hand.

"This is her bladder.There's nothing between her bladder and the baby. So if she ever started to labor or contract, there's a potential this window could rupture. That could be catastrophic for mom and baby." said Dr. Lovgren.

Dr. Lovgren says in his career, he has only seen three to four uterine windows.

"There's no scientific literature to show us how to take care of her which makes things more difficult." said Dr. Lovgren.

Dr. Lovgren and Eryn came up with a plan. She made it to 35 weeks and because she had no other complications, she was able to stay out of the hospital. It was time to deliver.

Baby Jude was born on Thursday, April 17th.

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Eryn says, "He was 6 1/2 pounds so that was pretty good for a 35 weeker."

Jude was a little fighter. He spent time in the NICU at Methodist Women's Hospital. He struggled with eating, but his grandpa, Dave, was always there to help.

"He's just been truckin' along ever since." said Eryn.

Eryn knows her pregnancy was rare...and the outcome could have been much worse.

"This is a huge blessing. It's my firm believe God put Dr. Lovgren in our path." Eryn said.

Dr. Lovgren says mothers with a uterine window will experience no symptoms. Often times, doctors are surprised to find it during C-section. Because Eryn's showed up so early, they were able to catch it and help her through it.

If women do experience this, they need to be careful if they want to have more children.

Eryn and her husband, Matt, say they are done. Four is the magic number in their household.

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