New Nebraska Laws Take Effect

A few years ago, 19-year-old Kyle Bormann shot and killed a young woman after a day of nonstop drinking.

Bormann was found guilty of second degree murder when it was determined he was too impaired to meet the pre-meditation requirement for a first degree murder charge.

In 2007, Shane Tilley was found not responsible by reason of insanity for the stabbing death of his roommate because he was high on an over-the-counter cough medicine.

Other new laws affect, feeding babies, driving and alcohol consumption on our roads.

Cassie Petersen is expecting her first child in two weeks.

"I'm getting excited and nervous," she said.

A new law will allow Cassie to publicly breast feed her baby, if she wants to.

"Being more modest, I probably wont breast feed in public and if I do make sure that I'm completely covered up if I need to," she said.

Nebraska is the 49th state to legally protect mothers who choose to breast feed their babies.

Kolene Moore is a Lactation Consultant with Methodist Hospital. She said the law now stops discrimination against women who breast feed their babies

"Mothers are looking at the health of their babies and going this is the best thing for my baby, but I need to be able to feed my baby not only in sitting on a toilet seat but in a restaurant, in the mall, in a department store," she said.

Another law change now allows drivers in Nebraska to hang items from their rear view mirrors unless it significantly blocks their view. They can only be ticketed if they are stopped for another driving offense.

Still another law change affects party busses and limos.

Now, passengers can legally consume adult beverages as long as the driver does not.

Steve Sempeck has offered such a service to Husker football games for a few years.

He sees the new law as beneficial.

"It's smart, you might as well use common sense," he said. "The police, state patrol, everybody on the interstate knew what was going on. I mean what would you expect with a red bus with red rope lights coming down the interstate at 11:30 at night after an 11:30 am game. You had to kind of figure there was some kind of consumption going on.

"Now we're not sneaking around with open containers on the bus."

Another new law targets electronic "peeping toms."

It is now a felony to take or send images of nude or partially nude people in places like locker rooms, tanning booths, or rest rooms.

Yet another law forces picketers to stand further away from cemeteries, churches, or funeral homes while protesting.

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