Video Update: Boaters Gives Thanks For Lake Rescue

A mother, son and pet were rescued from Carter Lake Sunday afternoon after their boat capsized. On Monday, they met those officers who saved them.

An officer patrolling the area saw the 14-foot boat capsize around 12:30 p.m. Five officers swam an estimated 50-60 yards to save 55-year-old Kay Dunn, her 32-year-old son Nathaniel Nelson and her dog Buster.

Dunn, Nelson and OPD Officer Mark Kiley were taken to the hospital to be treated for exposure and early stage hypothermia. Buster was treated for exposure at the Nebraska Humane Society. All are expected to recover.

"I was talkin’ to God." Nelson and his mom planned for an enjoyable afternoon in his new boat, which capsized during a turn and she lost her balance. "Once it starts taking on water -- it takes it on quick."

Nelson and his mother were not wearing life jackets. He was treading water, but could not get his shoes off. “I had went down and sucked in a full breath of water and had already accepted that I was gone and then felt an officer grab me under the arm. I guess I came up and was able to spit the water out of my lungs and I didn't see anything."

On Monday -- the officers and the family met.

Omaha Police officer Kelly Murphy heard the screams, saw the boat and called for backup before going in the water. "It's a horrible feeling to hear somebody calling for help and you know you cant do them any good unless you're safe too."

"It was the horrific scream coming from the water so something had to be done," said Officer Jake Bettin. "I think the fact that all of us kept showing up and showing up and shedding gear and getting into the water -- that was the most reassuring feeling."

Five officers were now in the water -- each one counting on the other. They get to Kay Dunn first. "I said I can't live without my son and told them to please go get him. All I could see is him bobbing back and forth in the water going down."

"Her main concern was him I remember," said Officer Nick Andrews. "Her screaming -- 'Get my boy! Get my boy!'"

"I didn't think anybody was anywhere near me," said Nathan Nelson. "I just thought it was me and God. I'm so thankful."

The entire ordeal last five to six minutes.

"I definitely will never get into a boat without a life vest. I apologize to everybody here. I'm deeply sorry that these people put their families and lives on the line," said Nelson. "Thank you."

Officers Murphy, Mark Kiley, Bryant Wheatley, Bettin and Andrews are the officers who jumped into the cold lake.

Andrews and Kiley had life guard experience years ago.

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