Hot Temps Inside Your Car

By: Lauren Squires Email
By: Lauren Squires Email

It's the 12th day in a row that we've seen temperatures higher than 90 degrees. Chances are you're tired of talking about it, even more tired of being out in it. But is it hot enough to bake cookies in your car?

Channel 6 tried the experiment, putting more than a dozen raw cookie dough balls in the back window of a car. It was placed there about 3:00 pm and left there for several hours. Temperatures inside the car read almost 200 degrees at times. The surface of the cookies seemed fully cooked, but the inside wasn’t.

The inside temperatures of your car are important to be mindful of during these hot days. Jim Champion, with Charlie Graham in Omaha, says most cars heat up to 150 to 200 degrees during the day. Leather seats can be especially dangerous. He showed WOWT a black interior leather car. The steering wheel was 130 degrees. The seat was almost 150 degrees. But he took a wet rag and wiped the seat and the steering wheel. The temperature dropped more than 20 degrees.

He also when you first get in your car, you shouldn’t blast the air.

“It’s probably 150 to almost 200 degrees most days. Open the windows up for a couple of blocks let all that super heated air out for a couple of blocks. Let all that super heated air blow out of the car ahead of time and then close the window and let the air do the job,” said Champion.

Channel 6 also tried baking a cookie, butter, ground beef and an egg on the concrete. Its surface temperature was 130 degrees. The butter melted in 10 minutes, the egg didn’t cook and the ground beef died out.

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