Family Raises Questions After Child Hit by Car

A heartland family had some heart-pounding moments when a child was hit by a car but they say the entire incident could have been prevented.

Tina Drayer and her kids were taking-in the chance to play ball in their front lawn on a warm spring night when we caught up with them but Monday evening the scene was much different.

Eleven-year-old Rian Schoville said, “I wanted to go comfort him but I knew it was more important to call the cops."

Rian said he was doing his best to play big brother to six-year-old Victor when the ice cream man stopped across street. After yelling to Victor they weren't going to have any, Victor darted into the street to come back home and was hit by a car, rolling over the top and off the trunk.

Rian saw the whole accident unfold. He said, “He rolled over, hit his side, he hit his face on the hood and fell off onto the cement."

Tina Dreher said, “He was bleeding from the nose and mouth. As a mom your initial reaction is, is he OK? Is there brain damage? Is there broken bones? What is going on? I was terrified."

Victor suffered injuries to his face. A baby tooth was cracked into seven pieces. He is doing much better after a trip to the hospital and some time at home to recover.

His diet is limited. “Mac and cheese and ice cream," he said. The collision wasn’t enough to dampen his support of ice cream.

Tina said she's frustrated because the ice cream truck did have a slow sign on the van and believes drivers need to slow down.

“Be careful there are kids running around here,” she said. “They need to be safe and make sure they are all right. I want to make sure my kids come home to me every night. That is how I feel."

Omaha Police say they did not cite the driver because no improper driving was noted in the report and the child ran into the street.

The family says if the driver would have paid attention to the slow sign on the ice cream truck, Victor would not have taken such a serious hit.

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