Exclusive Details: Mom Prostitutes Daughters, New Arrests

By: Malorie Maddox, Roger Hamer, Brandon Bartling, Wayne Martino Email
By: Malorie Maddox, Roger Hamer, Brandon Bartling, Wayne Martino Email

Michelle Randall is serving time for horrific crimes. She sold her daughters to strangers. The Nebraska State Patrol spent years tracking down a string of men, and stopping Michelle Randall from ever doing this again.

Randall violated the very thing a mother should do - protect her children.

The Nebraska State Patrol is giving us the details of a case they spent years working on.

First, the Nebraska State Patrol has arrested three more men.

Zachary Schmidt, Matthew Jacobs, and Robert Klingelhoefer are the latest. Schmidt and Jacobs have already been sentenced. Klingelhoefer was just picked up several weeks ago. He is under arrest but hasn't been sentenced.

These three men join a list of five others who have all been sentenced in the case. Shad Chandler, Donald Grafe, Logan Roepke, Brian McCarthy, and Alexander Rahe are all serving time for their crimes.

It adds up to the worst case of child prostitution Nebraska has ever seen.

Lt. Dennis Leonard

Malorie Maddox sat down with the Nebraska State Patrol Lieutenant in charge of tracking all of these men. It is the first time the details of Michelle Randall's case have been released.

Under the neon lights of truck stops, and inside dark hotel rooms, lurked a sordid and sad secret.

"It's just so bizarre and it's so perverse," said Lt. Dennis Leonard of the Nebraska State Patrol.

Lt. Leonard has been with the Nebraska State Patrol for nearly 28 years. Still, even with all of his experience, "This was a horrible case," said Lt. Leonard. "This was a case that shocked me."

Michelle Randall, a mother, was offering herself up for sex on Craigslist. She would advertise herself as "Big and Beautiful."

"She had some sort of addiction to or attraction to sexual interludes." Lt. Leonard said.

When men would respond to her ads, she would offer to let these men - these strangers - have sex with her three daughters.

Her daughters were 7, 9, and 14 at the time.

Lt. Leonard said Randall was in the room with her children as the men were having sex with them. She even participated in some cases.

These trysts weren't about money. She sold one of her daughters for a mere $50.

"Frankly the money was so insignificant it probably wasn't paying for gas or motels. This woman had, for whatever reason, from my perspective a very perverse sexual addiction. I think that probably was her way of justifying what she did by saying I don't think it's bad. I should introduce my children," said Lt. Leonard.

It was inside a Kearney motel where Michelle Randall was caught in 2012.

An Omaha homeless man responded to one of her Craigslist ads. He was appalled when she offered up her daughters.

"There was a line he didn't cross. Despite his background he came forward and reported it to the State Patrol," said Lt. Leonard.

Lt. Leonard calls this man the hero in this case.

"He faced the embarrassment and scrutiny because he thought that was wrong," said Lt. Leonard.

The tipster went a step further. He helped an undercover detective set up a meeting with Michelle Randall.

When she got to the Kearney motel, a Nebraska State Patrol undercover investigator put her under arrest.

The State Patrol seized her computer, her phones, and found the girls living in deplorable conditions. Randall's home in Upland, Nebraska was covered in feces.

What they found on Randall's phone and computer led them to track down all eight men who have been arrested. It has taken them years of hard work and they aren't done yet.

"We think that there are probably four more," said Lt. Leonard. "If they're watching, they're not going to sleep well, and I'm good with that."

As for Michelle Randall, she is behind bars for 92 to 120 years.

Lt. Leonard knows the Nebraska State Patrol's years of hard work have been worth it. Her daughters will no longer find themselves for sale.

Lt. Leonard says the early 2011, the Department of Health and Human Services received a phone call from one of Randall's 14-year-old daughter's classmates. She reported to their hotline that she though one of her friends was being prostituted by her mother.

DHHS immediately pulled Randall's daughter from school. She was questioned by a forensic child interviewer, but convincingly denied she was involved in anything like this.

The Nebraska State Patrol also pulled Michelle Randall and her husband in for questioning. They both repeatedly denied that this tip was true.

Two years later, Randall was busted. The State Patrol says it turns out this daughter was being sold, but she was so scared of her mother she didn't admit it to authorities.

The State Patrol praises the girl that made the phone call to the hotline. Again, they encourage anyone with information to come forward in these cases.

Her daughters did eventually share what their mother had done with investigators. But only after their mother was arrested.

"Once the girls were convinced that they were safe, then they were forthcoming."

As far as Randall, she has been sharing information with the Nebraska State Patrol to help track down other suspects.

"I don't really thing she spoke to us because she thought it was in the best interest of her children, but whatever the motivation was we are glad that she did," said Lt. Leonard.

"I think she had some genuine remorse, but I don't think she would have stopped if she hadn't been caught."

Lt. Leonard says he is very proud of the investigators on this case. The details have been tough to handle, but the State Patrol had the ability as a single agency to control the investigation.

Lt. Leonard said many other law enforcement agencies were incredibly cooperative with helping them track down suspects and build a case against Randall.

Michelle Randall's husband never faced any charges. The State Patrol says they have no evidence he knew anything of the crimes. His daughters-and Randall-all deny he knew anything. He no longer lives in Nebraska and does not have primary custody of his girls.

As far as her daughters, they live out of state and don't have family in Upland anymore. Lt. Leonard doesn't want to give away too much to protect them, but says he is confident they are in a much better place today.

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