Close Call For Police Officer

Blizzard conditions are sure to cause accidents and that means watching out for flashing emergency lights. A La Vista police officer working during last Friday's snowfall says he's lucky and reminds us why drivers need to be careful.

“Sheet of ice on this hill." Nobody got hurt, but Sgt. Ray Harrod warned someone could have been injured on this slick street near 110th and Harrison. “Get up on the curb there in case someone comes through and creams me."

Telling the drivers to move around the corner, Sgt Harrod saw a car coming that he could tell wasn't able to stop that rear-ended his cruiser.

“My cruiser just got hit. I'm very lucky I didn't walk in front, but we're trained when we re-approach to get back in our cruisers to check the conditions and make sure it’s safe for us to do so. I notice the car was already sliding toward my cruiser.”

The veteran officer did what he could to prevent the crash. He could see the car coming on the slick road so he flashed his flashlight at the driver, hoping that would help catch her attention. But even going under the speed limit, the driver couldn't stop.

“I wasn't even going 30 and oh, my gosh," said the driver.

Capt. Kevin Pokorny said La Vista adjusted after previous rear-end collisions. “We got flashing lights up here and even put them down close to the bumper to warn drivers more there's a vehicle here."

Even if emergency lights are seen on icy streets, human nature takes the wheel. “Give us plenty of room, but also remember maintain control of your vehicle and again don't panic,” said Sgt. Harrod.

After the crash, you could hear Sgt. Harrod on the cruiser cam video calm the driver who just hit a police car. “Nobody got hurt, that's all that matters."

The driver was not ticketed, but the city of La Vista will file a claim against her insurance for the estimated $4,000 in damage to the cruiser.

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