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The video has been seen around the world - a two-year-old Omaha boy being coached to use racially and sexually inappropriate language. On Monday, a juvenile judge set new stipulations on the children while they are in foster care.

Kim Devers, 38, appeared in court along with her two daughters: 19-year-old Keirra Johnson and the mother of the 3-year-old boy in the video. She just turned 17.

Judge Kelly ordered the children - two daughters of Kim Devers and two granchildren -- to remain in foster care and undergo family therapy, safety planning and a list of other intense guidelines. A 15-year-old son is at the Douglas County Youth Center on a gun charge.

WOWT 6 News has learned the 17-year-old mother and her son -- who was the subject of the video -- stay in the same foster home. The mother is not allowed to leave the property with her son -- or be alone with him. As part of the arrangement, there must always be a state-approved adult in the home.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine says the ultimate goal is to reunite the families by taking away the dangers and risky surroundings that had been in their home at 27th and Saratoga.

Kleine said, "It's all about what is best for these kids. If these parents don't do what they're supposed to do, if they don't go along the court ordered services, then we might have to take other action."

If the new rules aren't followed, the state would likely move to terminate parental rights.

An uncle recorded the controversial video and posted it online. The state has since taken the children away saying their home-life is a dangerous one.

Prior to all of this, there was a shooting in October in which the two-year-old was injured by shrapnel and his mother hit by gunfire. Someone shot into the front of their home.

Two months later, police raided a different home looking for a shooting suspect. Search warrants indicate they found four handguns and a rifle. Kim Devers went to jail for that. She's been there since mid-December.

Devers got out over the weekend after a police watchdog group posted her $500 bond because they didn't think she was getting a fair shake in the court of public opinion.

That same group is also disturbed by the video that went viral and community activist Robert Wagner said, "He's going to do whatever he is told. That's wrong. But at the same time, you don't condemn and destroy a whole family because of a toddler cussing. There's video like that all over the Internet; white kids and other races. It's not just a black child."

The family now faces stipulations they must adhere to until the state is satisfied the children are not in danger. That will likely take months.

(Friday, January 9th Story)
The video has been seen around the world - a two-year-old Omaha boy being coached to use racially and sexually inappropriate language.

As shocking as the video is, it is not the reason the youngster and three others in that home were taken into protective custody.

The grandparents are identified as Kim Devers and Ennis Devers Sr. Kim is awaiting trial on a charge of being a felon in possession of a gun. Ennis is at the State Pen on drug and gun charges.

Kim and Ennis Devers

They have three children together and Kim has another daughter.

On Wednesday, Child Protective Services took the 16-year-old and 12-year-old daughters into protective custody, along with the two-year-old in the video and another grandchild.

A 15-year-old son of the couple is currently in the Youth Center on a gun charge.

The state has been watching this family since August.

Videotape aside, the two-year-old has seemingly been through more as an infant than many will face in a lifetime. He has already survived gunfire.

In October, a man knocked on his grandmother's door at 46th and Saratoga in Omaha. Moments later bullets zipped through the home. The child's 16-year-old mother was hit in the shoulder. He was struck in the right foot by shrapnel. Two others in the family had also been shot. Everyone survived.

In mid-December, after a shooting at 42nd and Ames, the Omaha Police helicopter tracked the suspect's vehicle to a home at 27th and Saratoga. It was the home of Kim Devers and investigators found five guns inside. She was booked.

Kim, the two-year-old’s grandmother, has been in jail ever since.

It's the same house where police took four children into protective custody, including the boy in the video.

With Kim Devers locked up, there was no known primary caregiver in the home for the past three weeks. Because of that, and not the video, the state stepped in. With known gang members continuing to come and go in the house, the children were at risk.

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