Check The Defrost Now, Before Winter Weather Arrives

By: WOWT 6 News Email
By: WOWT 6 News Email

Want to be able to see out your windows this winter? Make sure that all of the parts on your defroster system are ready for the cold.

Having air flow is one of the most important parts of the windshield defrosting system, and it starts with the blower motor. It’s inside the dash and it pushes the air out into the passenger compartment. Like anything else, these motors wear out and might need to be replaced at some point. If your blower motor is noisy, or just isn’t working like it used to, get it checked out before it completely goes out.

Fresh air flow is very important for defrosting windows, so you need to have a clear path for outside air to get into your vehicle. Leaves under the hood block fresh air, so they need to be removed. There’s also a cabin air filter on many newer vehicles, and if it’s dirty, fresh air can’t flow through the dash. Get it replaced and your defroster (and you) will breathe a little easier.

You need heat to warm up the windshield, and that is the job of the heater core in the dash. Hot antifreeze from the engine goes through the heater core, and that heat is used for your heater and defroster. If the engine is not warming up, or its low on antifreeze, the heater core and defroster will not function like they should.

Your air conditioner is also a part of the defrosting system. It usually comes on when you put your vehicle in defrost mode because it removes moisture from the interior of your vehicle. If you’re A/C wasn’t working very well over the summer, it might also affect your windows defrosting this winter.

There are moveable doors inside of the dash, and they direct where the air goes, depending on where you have the settings on your controller. If they are not directing enough heated air to the defroster outlet, you are never going to clear that windshield. The doors are controlled by small actuators, and if there is a problem with a door or an actuator, your defroster might not work as well as it should.

Rear window defrosters work by having electrical current running through them, which heats up the glass just enough to defrost it. Always keep items away from the rear glass that might scratch and damage the defroster grid.

There also are plenty of products on the market that are designed to be applied to the glass to make it defrost faster in the morning. Some go on the inside, and some go on the outside. While they will never eliminate defrosting your windows in the morning, they certainly help.

Make sure your defrosting system is ready for winter, so you can see clear when you put it in gear.

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