Health Check: Treating Inguinal Hernia

For some, it's painful. Others may not even know they have it. But nearly one-third of all men will be diagnosed with Inguinal Hernia in their lifetime. In this month's Health Check Report, Serese Cole takes us the Fremont Area Medical Center - where technology is making treatment easier and recovery faster.

Eugene Krupka has been the picture of health for 60 years. But that stopped - when the pain started.

Eugene Krupka, "I could tell it was there at times when I sat because it was right in that area where it made a big difference or if I over-lifted then I could tell more."

Dr. Adam Pentel says Inguinal Hernia was the cause.

"Inguinal hernia is a defect in the facia, the abdominal wall, which causes the inner abdominal contents to protrude out. Sometimes people will come with just a complaint of a small bulge, but most of the time it's whenever they're doing physical activity, whether it a home at the end of the day, or doing their work, they start feeling pain, " said Dr. Pentel.

Dr. Pentel says the only way to fix the problem is surgery and patients now have two choices.

"Someone who had the traditional procedure there's going to be a a four to five centimeter incision versus someone who has had the laparoscopic procedure where you have one small stab incision by the umbilicus and two small stab incisions that eventually aren't seen at all." said Dr. Pentel.

Serese Cole, "In addition to the smaller incisions, laparoscopic surgery also means less pain and quicker recovery for patients like Eugene.

Eugene, "I went home from surgery that day. I had people stop by my house and I answered the door and they said wow I thought you'd be in the bed, " said Krupka.

Now he's back at work...

Eugene said, "I felt good, I was only off work two weeks."

and back to a pain-free life.

Dr. Pentel says with the laparoscopic procedure, there is only a 10-percent chance of the hernia coming back. If left untreated, it could require major surgery - so it's best to see your doctor right away if you think there's a problem.

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