Keeping Windshield Wiper Washer Clear

By: The Auto Guy Email
By: The Auto Guy Email

First of all, see if the washer motor is working when you hit the switch. You should hear a buzzing noise when you press on the button, which is the sound of the washer motor running.

If you do hear a buzzing noise and there’s washer fluid coming out from under the vehicle rather than on your windshield, you probably have a problem with a hose.

Start at the squirter nozzles and work your way back towards the washer jug. Eventually you are probably going to find a hose that either came disconnected or has a hole in it. Sometimes you can simply slide the hose back on or if it’s cut, you can either replace the entire hose or put a connector in the hose to repair the cut.

If you hear the buzzing noise and there is no fluid coming out anywhere, you might have a clogged washer nozzle. Most times you can use a small piece of wire or a straight pin and clean out the nozzle. Once it’s cleaned out, it should spray like new again.

If you don’t hear a buzzing noise when you press on the switch, you might not have power to the pump. Check your fuses first to make sure that the one for the washer pump is okay. If the fuse is in good shape, it could be the washer switch itself. But have a mechanic verify that the switch is bad before you replace it. They can be pretty expensive and sometimes the problem turns out to be something else, like a broken wire.

If you have power to the pump, but it still doesn’t run, the pump itself could be bad. It’s usually not that tough to put a new pump in, depending on where it’s located.

In most cases you can simply pop the pump out the side of the washer fluid jug because it just has a rubber grommet that holds it in place. Swap the wires and hose over from the old one to the new one and pop the new pump back into the washer jug. After that, you should be able to keep the windshield nice and clean, no matter how sloppy the weather.

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