What Does The Color Of A Vehicle Say About You?

By: The Auto Guy Email
By: The Auto Guy Email

How important is color to you when you purchase something? Obviously, products are chosen because of color all the time and it’s the same with vehicles.

According to a report from PPG Paint, for 77 percent of you color IS a deciding factor when you buy a vehicle. Here are the top six most popular colors and what your color might say about you.

Coming in at number six is blue. This color usually indicates a driver that’s cool and calm that just wants to blend in. If you can’t think of any friends that drive a blue vehicle, that pretty much proves the point about blending in.

At number five is red. While this is the color of the fast and furious, it’s also the color of romance and passion. A little word of warning though, red vehicles are usually issued the most tickets. Of course those fast and furious drivers probably deserved it.

Numbers four and three are a lot alike. They are gray and silver, so I’m just lumping these colors together. Like blue vehicle drivers, grays are mostly considered calm and cool. But silver designates the driver as a person of prestige and wealth.

The number two color is black. As you might imagine, black vehicles are seen as a sign of power and authority, along with elegance. While all of that might be true, in my mind black signals a person who likes to wash their vehicle...a lot!

Number one is actually not much of a color. It’s white. These drivers like white because it’s clean and is a sign of purity. Drivers of white vehicles are the type of person that gets right to the point and pay attention to detail.

Of course I just described these colors in general terms, such as blue, red and black. But there are a lot of different variables on every color out there. Even black and white come in all kinds of different shades.

Then you get into all of the other shades of colors, such as blues, reds, silvers and even greens and yellows. Add in different types of metallic and pearl additives and your choices are almost endless.

So when the time comes to buy your next vehicle, you should be able a find a color that exactly matches your personality.

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