Reducing Sun Glare While Driving

By: The Auto Guy Email
By: The Auto Guy Email

Let's take a look at some ways to reduce sun glare while driving and we will start with your visor.

Of course you flip it down when the glare gets bad, but try to push it forward as high as you can while still blocking the sun. That's because you need to be able to see signal lights up ahead just as much as the vehicles in front of you.

Some visors have mini-visors that slide out from the inside. These are designed to fill gaps that might occur if the sun is coming in from a different angle.

There are many types of aftermarket visors that you can buy and they can reduce a lot of glare without completely blocking your view. Most are adjustable in a number of ways and you can still see through them because they are made out of tinted “see through” plastic.

Cleaning the windshield is one of the most important things you can do to reduce glare because any type of dirt on the outside or grime on the inside is going to make the sun's rays reflect even more across the glass and increase glare. Give the glass a good cleaning on BOTH sides and you should see a big reduction in glare.

Of course changing the time of day that you go to work can help, but many times that’s not feasible. But changing your route to work can make a difference. Driving on some streets that are shaded by trees can reduce your time in the glare.

Pay particular attention in school zones and pedestrian areas. Someone could step into a crosswalk right in front of you, assuming that you can see them because it's a bright sunny day. Even a low speed bump into a pedestrian can severely injure them, so don’t proceed if you can’t see.

It's tempting to make the dashboard look good by applying a protective coating, but using a product that adds gloss to the dash can make the glare really bad. Avoid using those types of products around this time of year because the glare of that shiny dash will come right up into your eyes, even if your visor is down.

Windshields that are pitted due to years of sand and rocks pelting against them are going to scatter glaring light and reduce visibility. No one wants to spend money to replace a windshield unless they absolutely have to, but getting a new one might prevent an even more costly accident.

Using sunglasses is pretty obvious and it's even better to use sunglasses with polarized lenses. They filter out a lot of the glare and you can see much better with them on. So if you needed an excuse to go buy a new pair of shades, you just got it!

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