Engine Not Only Part To Overheat

By: The Auto Guy Email
By: The Auto Guy Email

Obviously this summer has been super hot and there are some things on your vehicle that might have been damaged due to overheating. Although the engine is one of the most common things to overheat, there are other parts as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the other parts affected by heat. Under hood temperatures can reach well over 200 degrees in the summer and nothing is worse for a battery than heat like that. Sometimes a battery can fail without warning, but other times there are signals that it is on the verge of failing such as cranking slower than normal. Even if you are not having any problems right now, you really should get the battery checked out before the cold weather hits.

When you get the battery checked, the entire charging system needs to be inspected because we see alternators that fail in the hot weather as well. A bad battery can ruin an alternator because the alternator is working too hard trying to recharge the damaged battery. As you can see, one heat-related problem sometimes turns into two problems.

When mechanics test the charging system, equipment is hooked up to the battery terminals to check the condition of the battery and the alternator. Just so you know, batteries are usually much cheaper to replace than an alternator, so if you are having problems with your charging system, keep your fingers crossed that it’s just a battery.

There are electronic parts under the hood and as you can imagine, electronics and heat don’t mix. If you are having issues such as stalling or not starting, it could be that some of these parts were damaged in the heat.

The electronic parts send signals to the vehicle’s computer, telling it such things as the engine temperature, the position of the crankshaft, among other things. The computer uses all of this information to make the engine run and when heat has damaged the electronic part the vehicle is not going to run correctly.

There is another part that might have been damaged in the heat and its way back in the gas tank. It’s your fuel pump and it is actually an electric motor that spins and pumps the fuel from back here up to the engine. Street temperatures were over 130 degrees on most of those really hot days and with the fuel tank so close to the street, the fuel pump might have gotten overheated and damaged, especially if you usually run your tank near empty a lot.

Hopefully we are through with the super hot weather, but keep in mind that some electronic parts could have been damaged over the summer. You wouldn’t want to get stranded in the future because of something was damaged in the heat. That would not be cool.

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