Driving Tips To Save You Gas And Money

By: The Auto Guy Email
By: The Auto Guy Email

Whenever possible, try to avoid coming to a complete stop. You use a lot of gas getting a vehicle back up to speed after it comes to a stop, so if you see a red light up ahead, let off the gas and coast. Hopefully the light turns green again before you come to a complete stop and then you can lightly press on the gas pedal and continue on your way.

Avoid idling for long periods of time, like sitting in a line at the drive-thru lane. Try parking and going inside the business instead. Sometimes it turns out to be faster anyway!

Carpooling can be a great way to save gas. Get lined up with some co-workers and cut costs by riding together. An added bonus is that you can save some time at work by getting the latest gossip during your drive.

Try to combine your trips whenever possible because you use a lot of gas driving back and forth to all of the places that you need to go. It takes some patience to combine your errands, but it will pay off in your wallet.

Avoid driving during rush hour if you can. If you leave a little earlier or later than usual you will not only be surprised by how much gas you save by avoiding the traffic, but you’ll also be a lot less stressed when you get to your destination.

The easiest way to save gas is pretty simple. Avoid jackrabbit starts and go easy on that gas pedal and you can save over 20 percent in many cases. But you are going to need help monitoring yourself when you are trying to drive less aggressively, so here are a couple of ways to do that.

If your vehicle has a tachometer, pay attention to where the needle is on the gauge. The tachometer tells you how fast the engine is turning. Obviously, the faster the engine turns, the more gas it's using. But if you pay attention to the tachometer and keep the needle down as low as you can when you are driving, you should see an increase in gas mileage.

Here is another way to train yourself to go easy on the gas pedal. Picture an egg between your foot and the gas pedal and try to avoid breaking the egg when you press down on the gas. Having that light touch on the pedal will save you a lot of gas, which saves you money!

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