Bust The Rust

By: The Auto Guy Email
By: The Auto Guy Email

You have heard the term rust never sleeps and it's true. Once rust gets started it has a tendency to keep spreading and causing even more damage. But you can do some things to avoid getting rust problems on your vehicle.

Rust gets started when moisture and oxygen work together against the metal parts of your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle clean and not allowing salt, moisture and mud to accumulate on them goes a long way towards keeping them rust-free. Make sure that you get the underside of the vehicle blasted off at the car wash in the wintertime to get the road salt and deicers off the lower parts of the vehicle as well.

In addition to getting the outside of the auto washed on a regular basis, you also need to make sure that the drains on the bottoms of the doors and other panels are open to allow water to escape. Otherwise water and mud accumulate inside of those panels and you end up with rust.

If it’s too late and rust has already started on your vehicle, can you do anything to get rid of it? That depends on where the rust spots are. If there is a simple scratch or chip on the outside of a panel, a body shop is usually able to sand the damage out and refinish the panel. But if the rust is coming from the inside out, that’s a whole different story.

When rust bubbles up on the outside of a panel, most times there is more than twice as much rust on the inside of that same panel. Simply sanding down the outside of the panel and repainting it will not cure the problem of the rust that is still on the inside. Don’t waste your money on a “quick fix” rust repair as the rust is going to creep back again from the back side of the panel. The entire rusted out area needs to be removed and replaced with new metal to do the job right.

If you have a vehicle that needs some rust repair done, it’s getting harder and harder to find a shop that does that type of work anymore. Most shops do only collision repair and don’t do rust repair. To find a shop that specializes in this sort of work, your best bet is to search for a body shop that specializes in restoration work because they have the tools and technicians that it takes to put your rust to sleep.

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