It's All Done With Mirrors

By: The Auto Guy Email
By: The Auto Guy Email

Seeing ahead when you are driving is obviously very important, but not being able to see behind you can get you into some real trouble. Here is a tip that helps you set your mirrors to avoid those troublesome blind spots.

While sitting in the driver’s seat, move your head over to the left with your head almost touching the left door glass. While holding your head in that position, adjust your left door mirror so that you can just barely see the left rear side of the car.

Next, move your head to the center of the car and look at the right door mirror. Now adjust the right side mirror so that you can just barely see the right rear corner of the car.

Next, sit up straight in the driver’s seat in your normal driving position and adjust the center rear view mirror that is mounted to the windshield. If you adjusted the mirrors correctly, you have eliminated most of the blind spots around your vehicle.

Mirrors are torn off of vehicles all of the time and the most common cause is catching them on the garage wall as you back in or out of the garage. Rear view mirrors can be expensive, but there are some options out there if you do break a mirror.

One option is to check on a used mirror from a salvage yard. A mirror might be half price from a salvage yard and sometimes you can even replace them on your own. Many times there is a plastic cover behind the mirror and when you pop it off, you find three fasteners that hold the mirror on. Take those fasteners off and the mirror should come right off.

Sometimes it can be a little tough getting to the plug for the mirror. In some cases it’s under the door trim panel. It takes a little more work to get the door panel off of the door, but once you do it’s easy to get the mirror unplugged. After you have the old mirror removed, install the new one, reattach the wires and the door panel and you are good to go.

Inside rear view mirrors can pop off, especially in hot weather. There are kits that you can buy at a parts store to glue them back on and that is the way to go if you want to try to reinstall the mirror yourself. Don’t try to super glue them back on because it just won’t work as well as the kit that is sold at the auto parts stores.

The makeup mirror can be used to fix your hair and makeup, but it also has an even more important use. You can also use it to see who’s honking behind you because the red light that you were waiting at turned green about 30 seconds ago.

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