Lacking Energy? Try New Spark Plugs

By: Auto Guy Email
By: Auto Guy Email

Feeling a little less energetic lately? Not you personally, your vehicle. If so, you might need this prescription: New spark plugs.

Spark plugs have been used on engines forever. Their job is to ignite the fuel that is sent to the engine, which creates power for your car.

Here is how a spark plug works. Electricity is sent to the top of the plug from your vehicle’s ignition system. Then it travels down through the middle of the plug and heads towards the tip.

At the tip of the plug, the electricity jumps across a gap, which creates a spark and when that spark happens, the fuel ignites inside of the cylinder and the engine creates power.

Here are some of the problems that you can have with spark plugs. Spark plugs that are worn out: The gap on the end of the plug where the spark is supposed to happen gets way too big because of wear and tear. A good spark is rarely going to happen in this scenario.

Damaged spark plugs: When a plug has a crack in the insulation on the side of it, it will short out. When that happens, the electricity that’s supposed to be going to the tip of the plug never makes it there. When a plug is bad, you will usually feel a misfire and the car will run rough. Many times a check engine light will come on as well.

In really cold weather, many people think that putting a gas additive in the tank is the best way to make sure that the vehicle will start and run. In reality, good spark plugs are even more important. If they don’t give you a good spark right when you turn the key, they can get flooded out with gas that’s being sprayed in by the fuel injectors. When that happens, sometimes the only way to get the vehicle started is to bring the vehicle inside, warm it up and replace the spark plugs.

There are a lot of spark plug brands out there on the market and they all have their pros and cons. It’s best to ask your mechanic for some input on which type of plug to use because they usually know what brand will work best for your particular vehicle.

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