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There are some new breakthroughs behind you. Taillight technology is moving forward.

Jim Champion, the Auto Guy, says there's a new style of taillight that car manufacturers are using and it has LED lights in it.

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The advantage to an LED taillight is that it's very bright and it comes on immediately when you apply power to it.

LED stands for light emitting diode, and it is more of an electronic part than a light bulb.

With an LED taillight, there are actually a bunch of small lights, about the size of a pencil eraser. And when these all light up, it produces a much more noticeable light instantly.

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On old style taillights, there is just one bulb in the center and it lights up the whole lens. The old style light bulb actually takes about a quarter second longer to light up than an LED, which doesn't seem like much but that faster "on" time makes people behind you react more quickly and that can be the difference between a rear-end crash and a near miss.

So keep your eyes open, because LED lights are going to become more and more common on cars in the future. In fact, you are already seeing them in flashlights, remote controls, and even Christmas lights.

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