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Since fall is here, you will be using your headlights a lot more now. Here’s how to keep them shining brightly.

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On some cars, the headlight lens is made out of plastic. That plastic can get dull, which reduces the amount of light that comes out. That can make your drive much more dangerous.

There are products that you can buy that can clean those lenses up, which will allow more light to come out. They usually work pretty well, depending on how bad the lens is in the first place. You simply apply the product with a soft towel, rub it in a circular motion on the face of the headlight, and then buff it off. In most cases, the lens will be much clearer, and more light will be coming through the headlight lens.

Your headlights also need to be aimed correctly for you to see down the road. An easy way to check them is to park in front of a wall or garage door and see where the headlights are aimed. If they are too high or aimed off to the side you need to adjust them. Sometimes you need special tools to adjust them, so it’s probably best if you just leave that job to your mechanic.

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Another issue that you will run into sooner or later is burned out headlight bulb. On older cars you replaced the entire headlight. On newer cars, there is usually a little bulb inside of the lens that needs to be replaced.

Replacing these types of bulbs can be an easy job to do if you can reach the back of the headlight. You simply twist off the retainer ring, pull out the bulb, unplug it, and pop in the new one. Make sure that you don’t touch the new bulb with your fingers, because the oil on your skin will cause the light to burn out faster.

Then the next time you need some light, you can turn the switch and you won’t be caught out in the dark.

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