My Air Conditioner Stinks!

It’s great to hop in your car and crank on the A/C, but do you ever get a bad musty smell when you turn yours on? It’s a problem that is getting more and more common. Let me explain it to you.

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It’s really gross, but the smell is actually bacteria growing inside of the dash, throughout the ductwork of your car. It grows in there because it can be the perfect environment for bacteria and mold, unless you do something about it.

Here is why it happens in the first place: When your air conditioner runs, there is a part inside of your dash that gets really cold.

We all know what happens to something that is cold, (like a glass of ice water), on a hot humid day - water drips down the side of it. When the water drips down off of the cold air conditioning part inside of the dash, it falls into a tray, then out of a drain hole and onto the ground under your car.

Because all of that moisture is inside of the dash, bacteria can grow inside of there after you shut the car off and the dash warms back up. But there are products that you can buy at an auto parts store that can be used to kill the bacteria inside the dash, and get rid of the smell.

The do it yourself method just involves spraying the disinfectant product into the air intake vent under the hood. It will go all through the duct system inside the car and kill the smell and the bacteria. This fix usually lasts several months.

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The key to avoiding the problem in the first place is to eliminate the moisture in the dash as much as possible right before you shut the car off.

The best way to do that is by shutting off the air conditioner for the last couple of blocks of your drive. But leave the fan blowing on high speed during that time, and put your vent control on the fresh air setting.

Then the fan will dry out the ductwork, and in most cases, this eliminates your smelly air conditioner problems.

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