Car Insurance

you get in a car crash, you hope that you have enough car insurance.

But what do those different types of coverage

Things like collision, comprehensive and
liability are terms that you hear all of the time. Let me explain them
to you.

Let’s start with liability
insurance, because that is the basic starting point. When you collide
with something, your liability insurance pays for the damage that you
did to the other person’s property, and anyone injured by your
accident. This is mandatory coverage in Nebraska, and there are many
different levels of liability coverage. Make sure that you have adequate
coverage because the bills add up quickly!

Next is collision coverage. That
covers your car when you hit something. But first you must pay a
certain amount of money before the insurance starts to pay. That is
called a deductible. You can save money on your collision insurance by
raising your deductible. But be careful, because when you crash your
car, you are going to need to pay that higher deductible when you get
your car fixed.

There is also comprehensive coverage.
That pays for damage to your car that wasn’t caused by an auto
accident. Things such as vandalism and hail would be covered by your
comprehensive insurance. And it is important to know that your personal
items and stereo equipment inside the car might not be covered by the
comprehensive insurance.

If your car is an older model that
isn’t worth much money, comprehensive and collision insurance might
not be worth the cost. Check with your agent just to be sure. There are
many other important types of car insurance such as uninsured motorist
and medical coverage. And there are various ways to save money like
insuring your house and car with the same company. So take time to ask
questions and shop around before you need it!

The Auto Guy – Jim Champion

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