Is Ethanol OK To Use?

Fuel for your car mainly comes from two different sources.

Unleaded gasoline is made from crude oil, which is nonrenewable, and pumped out of the ground. Much of the crude oil in the world comes from the Middle East , and eventually it will run out.

Ethanol is made from sources such as corn, and it is renewable. That means that every year we can grow more corn, and make more fuel. It also burns cleaner and has a higher octane than regular gasoline.

Fuel that you buy at the pump that contains ethanol is not pure ethanol. It is actually a blend of the two fuels. E10 ethanol is the one that you see all of the time at the pumps. It’s actually 90% unleaded gasoline, and only 10% ethanol. Almost all vehicle manufacturers now recommend using this type of fuel in your vehicle.

There is also E85 fuel, and that is a different story. It is 85% ethanol, and only 15% unleaded gasoline. This can’t be used in all vehicles, and should only be used in what’s called flex fuel vehicles. Right now there are not that many gas stations that sell the E85, but that will be changing in the years to come with more and more emphasis being placed on ethanol.

The bottom line is this: If you have a newer car, it’s OK to use E10 ethanol. It’s a higher octane, it’s better for the environment, and the ethanol is made right here in the Midwest ! 

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